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Soft-Serve Psychology

Beyond physics and envy: why it is so hard to work in a soft science.

A Unified Approach to Human Consciousness

A unified approach to human consciousness is laid out, and Freud's structural and topographical models are updated in the process.

Public Speaking for Not-Naturals

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on May 22, 2016 in How To Do Life
A not-too complicated approach to getting rousing applause.

Helping Children Become Nurturers

Caring for others is a central mandate for adults as parents, caregivers to the elderly or helpers for those with disabilities. Can children grow into nurturers?
J. Brasse

K-9s and Cops: A Softer Side

Law enforcement agencies that attend to the nuances of human-dog psychology will get best results and higher satisfaction from their K-9 units.

Will My New Doctor Be a Robot?

Is your robodoc providing robocare?

In Politics, Is It Always Good to Be a Woman?

Should Hillary play the Woman Card or the Human Card? Counteracting the stereotype of the female political candidate.

The Best Weight Loss Tool

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on May 22, 2016 in Cravings
Go back to basics when you're serious about weight control.

The Icarus Syndrome: Why High Flyers Fail and Derail.

There is an unspoken truth about business leadership: as many managers and leaders fail as succeed. But why? Do high flyers that fall have a particular profile that explains this?

10 Ways to Step-Up Your Ability to Stick-to-It

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on May 22, 2016 in Cravings
Do you give up before you reach your goals? Take it a step at a time.

The Radicalism of Romantic Love

Does romantic love as a cultural ideal serve to legitimize traditional oppressive relationship structures and mediate the degradation, disempowerment and oppression of women?

16 Ways to Overeat

By Susan McQuillan M.S., RDN on May 21, 2016 in Cravings
How you eat affects your health as much as what you eat.

The Value of Asking

To live a more satisfying life, ask questions, don’t make assumptions. And when you're confronted by assumptions, question them.

Is Pornography Helping or Hurting in the Bedroom?

Pornography continues to be a hot topic in society. Even well known experts are now entering the discussion. What are they saying?

Throat Clearing May Indicate Deception

Throat clearing along with an Adam’s apple jump indicates stress and anxiety.

3 Mistakes Parents Make by NOT Considering Boarding School

When your kid's in danger, you may have to take drastic steps. Boarding school can be a new beginning.

Chirality: A Look at Emotional Asymmetry of The Face

By Joe Navarro M.A. on May 21, 2016 in Spycatcher
The face sometimes reveals multiple emotions at once—here is a look at emotional asymmetry of the face.

An Anxiety Checklist

How does anxiety affect you?

The Myth of Being Unlovable Part 2

For those of us who have been limited by the mistaken notion that we are unlovable, busting this particular myth with take us a long way toward well-being.

Harvard Research Shows How the Cerebellum Regulates Thoughts

Harvard neuroscientists have discovered how the cerebellum (Latin for "little brain") regulates human cognition. This could have dramatic implications for advances in psychiatry.

The Hypochondriac

By Marty Nemko Ph.D. on May 21, 2016 in How To Do Life
Exploring issues of marriage, loyalty, and end-of-life.
What to Do When No One’s Doing Anything
The Curse of the Bystander
What's in a Voice?
How the Voice Is Linked to Beauty
Spatial Talent Could Help Fill “Middle Skill" Jobs
Filling the “Middle Skill" Job
Sleep Deprived? Got Brain Fog? Chocolate to the Rescue!
Sleep Deprived and Suffering Brain Fog

September 11th, Evolution, and the Face of Hell

September 11, 2001 showed us the darkest side of our nature. The evolutionary perspective can help us understand why.

Flying the Stressful Skies

Airplane interiors are about the least hospitable places around, from a psychological perspective.

My Post-Shamanistic Bio

I wrote, as an exercise in self-discovery, a short bio. Go forth and do likewise.

Beating the Warm Weather Weight Gain

By Nicole Avena Ph.D. on May 20, 2016 in Food Junkie
How to healthfully navigate your next summer BBQ.

The Seductive Allure of Psychological Atlases

A psychological atlas is a map that depicts regional variations in the observed scores on a psychological measure or test. Why are they often problematic?

PC: That Powerful Term That No One Bothers To Define

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D. on May 20, 2016 in Ambigamy
Accusing someone of being PC has become just another way of saying, "The problem is you, not me. I'm not insensitive; you're hypersensitive." Here's a better definition.

Commencement: Words on Kindness and Justice Resound

Inspiring words at commencement ceremonies can resonate today in this era of political name-calling.

EgyptAir: Now What?

The cause will not be officially determined for some time. But no airliner has come apart in mid-air due to technical failure in more than sixty years.