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John Kim LMFT


John Kim, LMFT, is also known as The Angry Therapist — a published writer, speaker, life coach, and a co-founder of The TAT Lab and Lumia–Life Coach Training and Community.

John Kim is the author of best sellers I Used To Be A Miserable F*ck and Single. On Purpose.

As he was going through an expired relationship, John created a blog on Tumblr and titled his first post “My Fucking Feelings.” He named his blog "The Angry Therapist" and started documenting his journey post-divorce. Even though he was a licensed therapist, John chose not to present himself that way. He wore t-shirts and jeans. He preferred the language of “me too” as opposed to “you should.” He blogged about his shortcomings, revelations, and views on relationships, the self-help business, and the world. He found CrossFit, bought a motorcycle, and started coaching people in unconventional ways.

Soon he had a full practice. He would see clients all over the world using his phone. And zoomed around town and his motorcycle to do sessions in coffee shops. Through this process, he came up with his own concepts. He realized that there was a new way to help others, combining what he learned in therapy school with life coaching and using technology to be mobile and create online communities, but most importantly, he took a very different approach, once frowned upon by the rigid and antiquated therapy world. He practiced transparency. People keep asking him why he calls himself The Angry Therapist. His reply: It’s my way of saying I’m human.

John’s path has led him to become a pioneer in the self-help field, rebranding from stigmatized to sexy. He is an entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, teacher, and a raw, unique voice that resonates in deep places with all whose paths he crosses. Instead of being a therapist, he thinks of himself as a lifestyle designer.

The Angry Therapist has become greater than just John Kim. Today, it is a place to find support no matter where you are or what you’re going through. It’s a place where definitions of our common human struggles are based largely on experiencing life and allowing it to break and heal us. This is very different from labels applied by learning about suffering in textbooks. It is a growing team of therapists and life coaches all over the world- practicing transparency, living as the truest versions of themselves, continually growing, and in this process, becoming Catalysts. It is also a school, teaching this new way of helping others and supporting them in that journey. It is a thriving community unlike any other. The Angry Therapist is a lifestyle.

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