Mountain Oasis Counseling
Serving Nevada AND Colorado. You may view available appointment times and book online by clicking on the "website" button on the left side of this page. Now seeing clients via telehealth. Don't settle for just getting by. Invest in YOU! We are focused on providing warm and caring counseling and psychotherapy for a variety of concerns. We specialize in helping people recover from the effects of trauma, anxiety OCD, and depression. We also specialize in relationship issues. Adults and adolescents are welcome.
(702) 903-4736
Las Vegas, NV 89123
J'aime Nicole MacPherson
Voted in to a 3 year term as Vice President to the Nevada Chapter for Postpartum Support International as of 2022. I'm open to any client/situation. No judgement will ever come from me & I welcome anything to help me grow even more as a MFT. Believe me when I say that I'm here for you 100% & will utilize every resource I have to get you to the goal you are striving for in therapy. I want to channel the motivation & endurance you had to first look into therapy & take that to the next step of focusing on goals to move forward towards positive change.
(702) 872-3714
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Gail Lawson
You do not have to face life's challenges alone. We all need some support in order to navigate life and find solutions to these challenges. Let's figure out together what is keeping you from living your best life. I would like to assist with letting go of people pleasing behaviors that can take away from your self respect, self worth and self esteem. I can help with communicating your needs and look at your strengths. It is a struggle to juggle personal, professional and family life. Lets make a plan together to meet your goals, wants and needs. Schedule a chat for free with me.
(725) 999-0010
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Erin Carter
Choosing a therapist that you connect with is often the most important contributor to successful therapy. It can be overwhelming to find the right fit and scary to expose yourself. To foster our therapeutic relationship, I will strive to create a safe space to explore your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and experiences. The core of my relational style is authentic and warm, and I will adapt to your personality and pace, so you feel supported. I seek to assist individuals in achieving deeper, more fulfilled relationships and connections with both themselves and the people around them.
(725) 208-5438
Las Vegas, NV 89123
Sharon I Harris
My practice is currently FULL. I cannot accept anyone new. Choosing to talk with someone, who is virtually a complete stranger, about your most intimate and private life, is an extremely difficult and courageous decision. I am honored that you are considering coming to me with your concerns at this time. My approach to relationships such as the one we are about to embark upon is of a gentle, kind, and respectful nature. My areas of expertise are working with troubled adolescents who have intense emotions and risky behaviors and the Deaf and hard of hearing. I am skilled in ASL.
(702) 800-7309
Las Vegas, NV 89134
John Arlotto
Hi, my name is John and I look forward to working with you. I'm a licensed therapist, EMDR trauma specialist and researcher, with over 10 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families to live happier and healthier lives. I have successfully assisted a wide variety of clients to heal the traumatic wounds of the past and unlock the limitless potential of the future. What is EMDR? Here is a helpful YouTube video:
(725) 209-3271
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Deena Shiode
People often come for help feeling like their problems are mysterious, out of their control, or even a failure of will. Over the past 25 years of practice, I have worked with people to develop self-understanding so that they feel a greater sense of purpose and meaning. I believe psychotherapy can help people understand the attitudes, feelings and reasons behind their actions, restoring a sense of choice and feeling of authorship over one's life.
(702) 487-9215
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Shirley Hampton
United Citizens Foundation (UCF) embodies a multicultural approach to counseling encompassing a range of treatment modalities that focus on the effects of trauma, mental, and behavioral health concerns, as well as struggles with addictive behaviors. The therapeutic approach is based on the needs of the client while utilizing evidence-based behavioral health interventions within the provider's expertise.
(702) 605-3162
Las Vegas, NV 89147
Milagros Severin
Life can be challenging at times, so I would like to invite you to walk together and cross the bridge between chaos and serenity. My primary focus is to create a safe place for you. Then, we will explore and create goals to initiate a positive impact in your life. If you are looking to improve your relationship, overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, sexual abuse, or addiction. I will walk through those issues with you.
(702) 602-6427
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Jane Heenan
My practice supports authentic living. I hope to join with persons and offer my understanding of where they are. Such genuine contact encourages awareness of possibilities that otherwise remain just out of reach. Relationship is central; foundations of healthy relationships include trust, respect, honesty and risk-taking. Persons I sit with commonly say I am supportive and challenging, non-judgmental and safe. Persons with previous experience in therapy say that our play together is "different" than their other therapy relationships, perhaps because I fundamentally believe persons are good and have inherent power to grow and change.
(702) 475-6474
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Elizabeth Sengkhammee
Trauma, stress and anxiety can hurt our mental health & well-being. I believe in taking a holistic approach to treatment. I build a therapeutic relationship to help you meet your therapy goals. Through this process I will ask difficult questions, offer insight, and provide feedback that allows you to process and gain a deeper understanding. I provide educational tools and resources to empower you to create change. I like to meet you where you are in the process in your mental health, wellness and healing. You are not alone, now is the time to get help.
(702) 919-6460
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Jennifer L. Bolick
***Now accepting new clients*** Do you seek more harmony within yourself and your relationships? Do you feel like you are living in chaos? Trying to keep up with the frantic pace of life can be anxiety provoking and overwhelming, but there is hope. I can help you tackle the challenges you face and create the life you were meant to live.
(725) 444-8829
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Christine Lindsey
Are you scared, frustrated, or maybe unsure of the future? Are you wondering whether your relationship can, or should, survive? Maybe you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or overwhelming feelings of anger. You and I can work on these things together and get you to a better place.
(702) 479-5390
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Ericka Albert
Currently accepting new clients for in-person or video sessions. I am passionate about helping couples and individuals reconnect with those they love and achieve their goals. Therapy is a valuable tool that is proven to help. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I strive to assist my clients with expressing their emotions and understanding their negative behavior patterns.
(702) 751-4721
Las Vegas, NV 89123
Shannon Alice Creme
Thank you for taking the first step into looking for help for you or your family. I have experience with a wide variety of clients after working at a residential treatment center for children and adolescents and working at an outpatient agency for all ages and needs. I am here to help you through challenging times and to achieve your goals. I specialize in working with children, teens, young adults, and parents, but I can help any individual who wants help with anxiety, trauma, depression, family conflict, or simply balancing life's stressors. Asking for help is not easy, but it "takes a village" and you do not need to do it alone.
(702) 710-6189
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Sasha Quarles
Are you ready to make some changes in your life? Are there issues in your life you feel the need to explore? Maybe you have not acknowledged those issues yet, you have this unknown feeling you just cannot put your finger on. I am here to tell you that you do not have to feel that way. Changes can be made, and I believe you are capable of doing so.
(725) 208-5612
Las Vegas, NV 89183
Arianna Gonzalez-Bueno
I work with individuals and families to help you learn coping skills and strategies to address thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may be causing problems in your life. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and I’m bilingual so I can work with patients in English and Spanish.
(702) 842-9860
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Healing Hooves
We believe individuals have the best solutions for their problems and they are not able to achieve the solutions due to emotional pain and repetitive patterns that stop them from being successful. We view our role to be part of our client’s team that works with the client to find their solution to eliminate self-destructive patterns and to heal from emotional pain. We provide treatment services for individuals and families that are dealing with behavioral and emotional struggles that can be due to a variety of reasons such as: substance use, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or trauma.
(702) 983-7998
Las Vegas, NV 89130
JoLae Brandt-Shapiro
I utilize a holistic approach to meet individuals, couples, and families where they are, addressing symptoms and relational conflict systemically. Providing a safe space for authentic expression of self, I value your experience and the unique perspective you bring to your relationships. We are all resilient human beings who adapt to protect ourselves; over time, our protections may hinder our growth and contribute to conflict in our relationships. I am honored to support you on your journey toward strengthening or shifting your relationship with yourself and others.
(702) 330-8846
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Vaida Kazlauskaite
***Now accepting new clients*** Are you feeling anxious? Dealing with depressive symptoms? Experiencing difficulties in any aspects of your life? As a trained systemic therapist, I work with individuals, couples, and families; helping clients process emotions and live a happier life. Additionally, as a Medical Family Therapist, I work with clients who are diagnosed with a medical illness and are experiencing hardship to their relationships and life in general. I specialize in communication about the illness and how to best cope with the mental implications.
(702) 357-4661
Las Vegas, NV 89117

What type of Las Vegas mental health professional is right for me?
While most types of therapy have a lot in common, they also fall into clusters that share core features, such as cognitive therapies or psychodynamic approaches. It is important to seek someone who practices evidence-based therapy, meaning one or more forms of treatment that have been scientifically evaluated and tested, and demonstrate consistent improvement for a majority of patients.

If you are unsure about choosing the right therapist or psychologist, it might be useful to first learn more about therapy types and modalities.

How to find a therapist or counselor in Las Vegas?
When looking to find a therapist, start by considering training and credentials. Studies also indicate that the therapeutic alliance, or the relationship the client develops with the therapist, is an important factor in their ability to work together to achieve the client’s goals.

What method of therapy is right for me?
When it comes to treatment methods, there's no 'right way.’ Each method of therapy can be beneficial for a variety of issues. Finding a psychologist or therapist who is a good fit for you is the most important step to discovering what type of therapy, or combination of therapeutic approaches, will meet your individual needs. Learn what to expect from different types of therapy and how they work.

How to use my insurance?
Understanding cost and insurance coverage is an important concern for many people. With some basic research and conversations with prospective therapists, you should be able to have a good understanding of the best way to afford therapy.