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How to Build a Career

A fulfilling career is a key source of satisfaction in life. The challenge for many is not how to perform well on the job but how to identify a career at that magical intersection of individual capability and societal demand, for wherever there is market demand for a skill set, fair pay should follow. Some people are satisfied with a job that supports their lifestyle but doesn’t necessarily lead to new opportunities or advancement. Many others, however, eagerly seek out opportunities to develop new skills and find opportunities for personal and professional growth via their career.

To enjoy the many waking hours spent at work, it helps to love what you do, respect the people you work with or serve, and share the goals of your employer. Finding your creative flow and sparking innovative output is also important, as is engaging with a larger purpose.

What Is a Good Career Fit?

The more one know about oneself, the easier it will be for them to choose and prepare for a well-matched career. In addition to getting the right training or education, a worker must consider their values, and what is important to them. For instance, does one value creativity or one's work environment over financial success? Does one seek a career that provides travel opportunities or one that allows them to spend a lot of time with their family? To be happy in a career, one's values and priorities should line up as closely as possible with the requirements of a job.

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