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Layne Dalfen


Layne Dalfen, a dream analyst, founded The Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal in 1997. She has been a lecturer at Concordia University in Montreal since 2005. She has studied at The Gestalt Counselling and Training Center in Montreal and with Dr. Leo Gold of The Alfred Adler Institute in New York. She has been a member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) since 1997 and lectures in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Dalfen has appeared on over 200 radio and television shows across America and has written articles for magazines both in Canada and the U.S., including O, the Oprah magazine.

During her lectures, as well as through her books Have a Great Dream; Book 1; The Overview: Decoding Your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential, and its companion work Have a Great Dream; Book 2; A Deeper Discussion, Dalfen’s goal is to introduce the general public to the value of understanding their dreams.

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