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The Impacts of Narcissism

Narcissists can ruin the lives of their families and partners.

"It's nothing a bullet can't take care of."

"It was a living hell."

"My mother had to run for her life."

I have written a number of posts about how narcissits behave online. But this week, I turned to Facebook in order to talk to people who had been in (or, in some cases, are still in) relationships with narcissits. I did this to gain insights for an epiode of my popular science podast, "Because Science!", which was all about narcissism.

What I got were haunting stories of women and men, lovers and children, fearing for their safety, running, and working so hard to recover from the damage these narcissists have done. I had to condense five hours of really brave and insightful conversation into about 5 minutes of audio, but I wanted to share.

This is the podcast, which starts off with a description of narcissism and how it affects the person with it. Around the 12:30 mark, you will find a compliation of these interviews. It is haunting and gives deep insights into just how destructive narcissists can be in relationships.

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