Ilanit Gordon Ph.D.

Ilanit Gordon, Ph.D., of the Bar Ilan University’s Department of Psychology, has extensively studied the hormonal basis of bonding in humans. She has a strong neuroscience background, with postdoctoral training at Yale University's Child Study Center, specifically studying the role of oxytocin in brain function and autism.

Dr. Gordon is currently the Director of the Social Neuroscience Lab at the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, which routinely assesses physiological markers of the autonomic nervous system during live group dynamics. The lab researches the neurophysiological basis of social functions in health. The lab utilizes behavioral microanalysis techniques and brain imaging methods to assess naturalistic behavior and to measure the autonomic nervous system and hormonal interventions. Some of the lab's major research projects include: 1) The neural and behavioral impact of oxytocin administration in individuals with autism 2) The physiological basis of synchronization and social interaction in groups.

Author of

The Biology of Bonding

How physiology interacts with the social world Read now.