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Abdulrahman Bindamnan


Abdulrahman Bindamnan is a Ph.D. student at the University of ‎Minnesota and an ICGC scholar at the Interdisciplinary Center for ‎Global Change. He earned both a BA (Psychology and Religion) at the University of Miami and an MSEd (Education and International Development) at the University of Pennsylvania. His research investigates what he calls the Zero-Generation Students. They immigrate to the ‎U.S. from environments affected by violence, poverty, and trauma. They ‎must build foundational linguistic and cultural skills from the ground up, ‎often with little support from colleges and universities. They often live ‎with a precarious immigration status, and all too often face blatant ‎discrimination. His writing has appeared in The Minnesota Daily, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Orientalist Express, MinnPost, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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