Stephen Greenspan Ph.D.

Stephen Greenspan, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in developmental psychology from the University of Rochester and did post-doctoral work at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. He is a professor emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Connecticut and until recently had a visiting affiliation with the University of Colorado. He currently resides in northern California, where he maintains an active forensic psychology consulting practice in criminal cases where Intellectual Disability may be a mitigating or exempting factor.

The author of three books—What is Mental Retardation? (AAIDD, with H. Switzky), Annals of Gullibility (Praeger), and Elements of Discipline (Temple U.)—he has published numerous essays on aspects of social incompetence, particularly in vulnerable sub-groups but also in the general population. Recently, he has developed a theory of “foolish action,” and his book on that topic—Anatomy of Foolishness (Hamilton/Rowman & Littlefield)—is scheduled for publication in July 2019.  

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