Moving Beyond Electoral Trauma Part 3

Here is my third suggestion for helping us be more fully ourselves and act more creatively and effectively in the days and months ahead.

Moving Beyond Electoral Trauma: Part 2

Here is the second blog posting in Dr. James S. Gordon's series, Moving Beyond Electoral Trauma.

Moving Beyond Electoral Trauma

I'll share three ways of being, acts of doing that can help us be more fully ourselves, and act more creatively and effectively while moving beyond electoral trauma.

Dennis Rodman: In the American Grain

We can learn from Dennis Rodman's behavior, rather than simple chastise him.

6 Lessons from the Navy Yard

6 sure ways to cut veterans' suicides.

A Practical Approach to Military PTSD

It's time to commit to programs that will serve our troops with the same fidelity with which they serve us.

Helping Haitians to Heal, Part 3

After the first day our participants are already using what they have learned. Several speak of "traffic meditation," pulling over to the curb amidst Port-au-Prince's daily madness, soft belly breathing until they are "calme" and "douce," peaceful, soft and amazingly unhurried.

Helping Haitians to Heal, part 2

Tears are everywhere. Like high water behind a dam, you can see them swelling, pressing for release in the stiff bodies and taut faces of men and women who gather for the first day of our training.We’ve selected 120 clinicians, educators and religious leaders.

Trauma Healing for Haitian Red Cross Staff and Volunteers (Croix Rouge Haitien)

Already at 9am, the air is hot and heavy in the workshop tent. Fifty or sixty people are present, most of them quite young, taking notes, wonderfully attentive and responsive. They are a bit shy at first, but as we all introduce ourselves, they offer stories of trembling bodies, panicked hearts, of sights beyond endurance—