Healing Isn't Always Pretty

Children who grew up as the unchallenged favorite child often struggle, as adults, with issues of intimacy. They continue to look for the person who will love them as much as their parent did - an impossible task.

4 Reasons Why Being Your Parent's Favorite Can Hold You Back

Being the favorite child can have its problems.


People write and talk about Tiger Woods flings from their own bias. Underlying and unifying these varied viewpoints is The Favorite Child Complex. It is impossible for people, who were as adored by a given parent as Tiger was by his father, to find anyone else who adores them as much. To fill this emotional void, people look outside of their marriages. For the famous and powerful, like Tiger Woods or Bill Clinton, admiring fans provide temporary and artificial gratification.

Ted Kennedy: An overlooked child

Overlooked children may not be the apple of their parents' eyes, but these kids can be driven to be valued. Ted Kennedy is an example of an overlooked child whose life was driven by his desire to make his father proud, to carry on the family legacy of excellence. Kennedy worked hard to keep up with his revered siblings, bringing this ethos to his life in the Senate. Our nation is better for that.