Trauma Documented Three Decades After Chernobyl Disaster

To this day, those affected by the explosion continue to struggle, living in fear of long-lasting consequences such as birth defects and contaminated foods.

Remote Northwest Territories Lacking Mental Health Care

Lack of access to staff, resources, and community-based treatments impede adequate treatment and prevention strategies in the Northwest Territories.

Illustrating Mental Health With Cartoons

Cartoons allow audiences to grasp intricate aspects of psychological disorders.

Death Penalty May Not Bring Peace to Victims' Families

Does the death penalty provide true justice and closure to victims?

Fast Food Industry Demands ‘Emotional Labour’ from Employees

Cheerful presence can be essential to profitability in the fast-food industry. But emotional labour may be doing more harm than good to employee emotional and mental wellbeing.

Biased Publication Standards Hinder Schizophrenia Research

Since most research that exists on treatment of schizophrenia is directly funded by pharmaceutical companies, a bias exists towards silencing unfavourable research.

Semicolon Punctuates Mental Health Awareness

This global non-profit movement is dedicated to providing support for those struggling with mental illness, suicide, addiction, and self-injury.

“Ex-Gay” Conversion Therapy Movement Puts Lives at Risk

Conversion therapy is still a common practice, and still compromises mental health.

Divorce an Unreliable Predictor of Aggressiveness

Severe aggression is rare among children of divorced parents.

CIA Torture Techniques Harm Interrogators As Well

Torture used as an interrogation device can have severe, long-lasting effects.

Exercising Your Way to PTSD Recovery

Physical remedies such as intense exercise may help those suffering from PTSD.

Transgender Homeless Youth Victimized by Shelter System

Housing discrimination remains a concern for homeless transgender youth.

Mental Healthcare Lacking for Small Business Owners

Small business owners also face the risk of experiencing mental illness.

Sexual Freedom: Only Part of the Equation for LGBTQ Refugees

LGBTQ refugees continue to experience social isolation, perpetuating a sense of danger and persecution.

Failed Mental Health App Highlights Pitfalls of Social Media

When social media pits privacy against mental health, ethical concerns arise.

Branding Tattoos Use Ink to Violate Women

Tattoo branding has become a popular form of violence against women.

Postpartum Depression Underdiagnosed in Men

New research sheds light on men's experience with postpartum depression

Book Review: The Marshmallow Test

"The Marshmallow Test," named for the famous experiment testing children's ability to delay gratification by having them wait fifteen minutes before eating a marshmallow.

Russian Adoption Laws Leave Children Warehoused and Unwanted

Restrictive adoption laws raise mental health concerns for Russian orphans.

When Parental Choices Have Fatal Consequences

Preventable illnesses among children lead to distress and shame in parents.

Plastic Surgery to Cope With Bullying?

Some argue that surgeries can have positive impacts on children.

At CAMH, Pet Therapy Helps Decrease Stigma

Pet therapy increases connection and reduces isolation and loneliness.

Mental Health Initiatives for Athletes Still Lacking

Sports psychology often targets improved performance, not mental health

“Normal Barbie” Challenges Body Ideals

Should dolls represent 'real' people? Some believe that it is essential to resist the thin ideal.

RUSH Prevention Program Helping Children of Bipolar Parents

Children may be more sensitive to stress in their environment.

Killing the American Hero, Killing the Fair Trial

When defense claims "not criminally responsible," courts must adopt a holistic view of insanity.

When Adolescents Claim the Right to Refuse Treatment

Some argue that minors do not understand the severity of their condition.

Documentary Film Tells Story of Race, Drugs and Baseball

Dock Ellis: High-flying baseball icon or survivor of drug dependence?

Refugee System Perpetuates Trauma for LBGTQ Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers, forced to hide their identities in their home countries, must prove their LBGTQ status in court.

A Blood Test to Diagnose Depression?

Understanding the biological roots of depression can produce faster diagnosis and better treatment options.