Anorexia Affects More Men Than Previously Thought

Anorexia and bulimia are traditionally seen as “female problems” but recent studies show that approximately one third of people with anorexia and about one half of those with bulimia are men.

Children Who Kill Are Often Victims Too

Children who murder have often been severely abused or neglected and have experienced a tumultuous home life

Love Is War: Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Due to the symptomatic similarities between PISD and PTSD, therapists are now beginning to use PTSD counselling techniques to help couples either stay together or move on from the trauma of infidelity.

Family Storytelling: Good for Children (and Parents)

Increasing bonding and resilience as well as lowering behavioural and emotional difficulties are among the many benefits.

Coping With Traumatic Brain Injury

Tricia Williams, a clinical neuropsychologist at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, explains how to improve child development and mental health for individuals coping with a TBI.

Why Does Anyone Love Men Who Won't Love Back?

Guest writer Aviva Philipp-Muller examines why Hollywood glorifies characters who exhibit a dismissing-avoidant attachment style.

Ritual Abuse, Cults and Captivity

Escaping the torment of a cult can be the most difficult part for a survivor, but recovery and rehabilitation can be just as challenging.

Children Who Kill Are Often Victims Too

Research shows that, while extremely rare, children who kill often come from chaotic and abusive backgrounds, are not fully emotionally developed and do not fully understand the severity of their crimes.

Virginity Tests Place Physicians in Quandary

Refusing to perform the test or giving a negative result can dishonour a woman in the eyes of her family, but going along with the procedure presents a profound ethical dilemma.

The Heart is a Drum Machine: Drumming as Therapy

Drumming has the potential to be a therapeutic technique that provides both relaxation and energy to the emotionally wounded.

When You’re Gone: Deployment Effects On Parenting

Deployed soldiers and their families often face great emotional strain when they are forced to separate.

Methadone Treatment May Prolong Addiction

The most important missing link in methadone treatment is drug counselling.

Rape Chants Prevalent on University Campuses

Rape songs can isolate victims and encourages a celebration of trauma.

Myth Busting the Not Criminally Responsible Defense

Psychiatrist Robert Dickey helps the Trauma & Mental Health Report gain a better understanding of NCR and bust some of the myths surrounding the defense.

State of Emergency: Suicide in First Nations Communities

Suicide is disturbingly common among some Inuit and First Nations groups, with the rate in some communities eleven times higher than the Canadian average.

Book Review: Becoming Trauma Informed

Becoming Trauma Informed delivers a deeply informative look into the field of trauma therapy.

Video Games Rated A for Addictive

Excessive video game playing may represent a way of coping with underlying issues but it becomes its own problem when the impulse to play just can’t be denied.

LGBTQ Refugees Lack Mental Health Care

Mental health care standards for refugees are well below that of the average Canadian

U.S. Government Fails to Support Families of Hostage Victims

The U.S. government's handling of overseas hostage cases leaves the victims' families in the dark.

One Woman's Suicide Ignites the Right to Die Debate

GIllian Bennett's decision to die on her own terms renewed the debate on euthanasia in Canada.

Womb Wounds: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Referred to as the "invisible syndrome" Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) often goes undiagnosed.

Fear of Ebola Leaves Orphaned Children Abandoned

Stigma surrounding reinfection is trumping family ties in some areas and leaving many children without proper care or support.

For Families Touched by Homicide, the Media Prolongs Pain

Grieving is exacerbated by the media frenzy that often follows a homicide

No Place to Be a Child

Exposed to violent and traumatic situations that threaten their sense of stability and well-being, children of war have few places to simply be children.

I Do but I Don't Have To: Marital Rape

A culture of justified rape has perpetuated silence and slowed progress on international laws.

To Share or Not to Share (the Family Bed)

One of the most common questions asked about newborns relates to sleep patterns. It is also one of the most controversial.

Acid Attacks: The New Gender Terrorism

A violent act that sends a threatening message not only to the victim, but to women in general, leaving many in a permanent state of fear.

New EEG Technology Makes for Better Brain Reading

Recent technological advancements may soon have a profound impact on how mental health practitioners diagnose mental illness.

Letters to My Daughter

Fawzia Koofi’s memoir sheds light on the troubling hardships many Afghan women face.

Dr. Mom and Dad

Turning to the internet to help understand a child's behaviour may play a role in the over-diagnosis of ADHD.