Is Online Infidelity Just Micro-Cheating?

It's not just the behavior, but also the context and intention that matter to partners.

Smartphone Attachment Can Mimic a Human Relationship

Is there is a connection between anxious smartphone attachment and anthropomorphic beliefs? Anxious smartphone attachment is related to the urge to answer texts or emails.

Improving Your Chances on Tinder

Females are three times more likely to send Tinder messages compared with males.

What to Say (Or Not) When Introducing Yourself

Opening lines were of three different types which were cute-flippant, innocuous and direct. Do people still use cute-flippant lines?

How Likely Are You to Be Scammed in Online Dating?

Stories exist of victims parting with their life savings to obtain funds for the scammer. Better educated people more likely to be scammed.

What People are Looking at in Your Facebook Profile

We spend more time looking at Facebook profile photographs of females than males, and more time looking at attractive profile photographs than unattractive ones.

Why You Can’t Be Without Your Phone

Do we become attached to phones as human attachment substitutes? Anxiously attached people keep their phones close to be in constant contact with other people.

Why Women Have Affairs

Engaging in infidelity might increase a female’s perceptions of her self-esteem.

Four Possible Explanations for Online Dating Rejection

Anonymity and the fleeting nature of a hook-up culture may lead to ghosting.

Tinder Users Are Different Than Online Daters and Here’s How

Tinder users scored highest on sexual permissiveness.

Online Dating: Is Age an Issue?

• Older adults are more earnest in their endeavours in online dating • Older individuals more likely to report using online dating to find marital and sexual partners

What’s Behind a Dating Profile?

Profiles written by people in middle age are longer than the those by age groups younger or older. Females who use negative words score lower on trust and higher on caution.

Constructing a Valentine’s Day Dating Profile

• It is not always the case that males pursue physical attractiveness in a female partner. • There is a difference between deliberate and spontaneous choices in online dating.

The Danger of Ignoring Your Partner

Smartphones provide a way for people to stay closely connected with family and friends, but what impact do they have on romantic partners and relationships?

Who’s Checking on Whom?

Our surveillance behavior is now motivated by a desire to check out what a partner may be doing offline, and what they're doing online.

What Can Online Dating Really Tell You?

Females were more likely to use an outdated photo or misrepresent their looks than males. In online dating, users are able to impression manage how they appear to others.

The Surprising Truth About Why People Use Tinder

Using Tinder to find love outweighs the use of it for casual sex; people also use Tinder to boost their self-esteem.

What to Say (and Not to) in a First Online Dating Message

Which style of first contact message is most likely to receive a reply? Is it better to make someone wait a while for your reply?

Should You and Your Ex Still Be Facebook Friends?

People who remained as Facebook friends experienced lower personal growth. Is Facebook surveillance a problem?

Are you Facebook Official?

Social networking has increased the propensity for jealousy. Females desire a degree of approval from others and tend to define themselves in terms of others.

Can Being Scared Make Someone Appear More Attractive?

Arousal from one stimuli is transferred to another We make a mistake in judging what is causing us to be aroused

Five Steps to Online Dating

Make your message humorous. In romantic attraction, familiarity and similarity are important.

Should You Ever Check Your Partner's Texts?

Checking the messages on your partner's phone is going to make you jealous.

Is There 'Someone for Everyone'?

Errors in choosing someone have consequences for life.

3 Steps to More Successful Flirting

There are three stages people have to negotiate in order to successfully flirt.

It's What Online Dating Can't Tell You

You can learn a lot from a person's odour.

Do You Crave Facebook Likes?

The craving for social media acceptance may be related to personality.

Will You Fall in Love ‘Online’ This Valentine’s Day?

What has to happen for us to fall in love? Do we like people more because we disclose to them?

What Your Sexting Really Reveals

Those who send sexually explicit messages may display avoidant or anxious attachment styles.

5 Reasons This Season Is a Great Time for Online Dating

Disinhibition may work in our favor at Christmas. During this time, mathematically at least, we have more of a chance of finding our match.