The Rodney King Riots: Individuality

What forces drive a race riot?

Taxes: the Morning After

Give to charity, you feel pleasure; give to the government, you feel pain.  Why?

Obedience: the Lesson of Eichmann

What the trial of the Holocaust's logistics man teaches us about conformity.

Reincarnation: the Cabinet of Dr. Stevenson

There's real evidence for reincarnation; so why does science ignore it? The answer lies in the Cabinet of Dr. Stevenson.

Trust Me: Why Ponzi Schemes Work

Madoff, Son of Ponzi: the frauds we always fall for.

Facing Up to the Other

Why you are right to hate the Pirese.

Signs and Portents: the Miracle of the Sun

70,000 people (and the Pope) saw it; so must it be true?

Goggling at the Box

Why there is no such thing as "educational television."

Secret Conspiracy Revealed!

The man on the grassy knoll: what makes us suckers for conspiracy?

Pilgrim's Progress: One Man's Lost Battle with Authority

One man's battle with City Hall shows how human nature itself leads to an oppressive State.

To College with Lord Chesterfield

Dropping our only son off at college, I struggled for the perfect piece of essential advice, the ideal nudge that would somehow set his lone trajectory from this moment forward in exactly the right direction. I failed.

Message from a Bomber

What can we learn from a "mad bomber?"

Holy Places, Profane Practices

It's who you keep out that makes a place special.

!00% Unamerican!

What does it mean to be American?  Let's ask Congress!

Monsters from the Deep

Beasts of the imagination: why we see animals everywhere.

Apocalypse… Soon

The end of the world will be on DVD.

Curse of the Yummy

Modern science + ancient urges = obesity.

Seeing Things

What are your illusions telling you?

Burning for Celebrity

What will you do to be famous?

Because I'm Worth It!

What makes a politician think adultery's OK?

Hot Celebrity Gossip!

What you know about the people who matter!  And what they know about you...

The Fatal Credit Card

Wonder why credit cards became the center of your life?  Ask Wimpy.

Septic Politics

Lessons in government from a guy with a backhoe.

Fail Fiercely, Harvard!

Harvard students are being taught how to deal with rejection.  Where does that leave the rest of us?

Pity the poor plutocrat

You may have more in common with a billionaire than you think.

Fouling Up Is Fundamental

Whenever you meet anyone, there's one mistake you can't help making.

Being Mr. Shattuck

I am completely normal, you are eccentric, he is mad as a hatter...

Science vs. Religion: an Explanation or an Answer?

Why answers don't explain; and why belief seems unbelievable.

What Are the Odds on Love?

What are the real chances of finding true love?