Susanna Newsonen

Susanna Newsonen, is a philosopher, writer, and poet based in a tiny village in rural Southern France.

In the first three decades of her life, she lived in seven countries, abandoned the corporate world for the freedom of self-employment, and swapped the hectic city life for the calm and quiet of country living. Whilst riding this rollercoaster life of twists and turns, she’s learned first-hand how transformational having the right perspective is. Because of this, her mission is to spread hope and love, around the world, one reader at a time. She has authored two books to date, Happiness is Here and Screw Finding Your Passion.

Before becoming a full-time writer, she was a sought-after life coach, positive psychology practitioner, and keynote speaker when wearing her now-retired Happyologist hat. Her client list ranged across industries, including Brainwash Festival, American Express, BMW, Kellogg’s, Lululemon Athletica and The School of Life to name a few. She has also been a TEDx speaker, an online columnist and a regular commentator in the media from the BBC to The Huffington Post and more. Her quotes and writing have been featured in a wide range of publications, including Psychologies magazine, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, The Guardian, Independent and Thrive magazine.

In her free time, she is a competitive dressage rider. She also adores dogs and believes we can learn a lot from our four-legged furry friends.

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The Path to Passionate Happiness

Did you know that you can choose to bring the passion out of you? That you can choose to be happy? Susanna Halonen, the Happyologist, shines light on how you can pursue a passionate way of being and find your happiest, best performing you. This blog will help you live a life authentic to you and build happy habits into your life.

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