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Psychology Today is the world’s largest mental health and behavioral science destination online. It is the original and largest publishing enterprise that is exclusively dedicated to human behavior. Our motto is “Here to Help,” and the resources you’re accessing right now are the worldwide destination of choice for expert-authored information about psychology and mental health. is the world’s largest portal to psychotherapy; it includes free access to hundreds of thousands of professionals. While Psychology Today has expanded its mission and reach across decades and continents, we never cease to delight in satisfying humans’ innate curiosity about our favorite subject: Ourselves.

Here’s a breakdown of how we work and why we are able to authoritatively address all aspects of human behavior and to connect users to mental health professionals when clinical help is desired.


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It all started in print. In 1967, Nicholas Charney founded Psychology Today; he was keen to bring psychology to the masses. And he succeeded. By 1981, the magazine boasted a circulation of more than 1 million copies.

Then as now, Psychology Today was known for its authoritative translational science writing, inviting individuals and luminaries in the field of psychology to write about their own work and that of others in a way that is accessible to lay readers. The concepts of “groupthink” and “six degrees of separation” were introduced in the pages of Psychology Today, and eminent psychiatrists and psychologists from Viktor Frankl to Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis have been featured.

The magazine has received numerous awards for both editorial and design, and is published six times a year. It is archived on this site from 1992 onwards. publishes content written by clinicians, experts and researchers from across the fields of behavior and psychology. The site includes a Diagnosis Dictionary, which is a comprehensive guide to diagnosable conditions; hundreds of commonly used and need-to-know psychology Basics, a full overview of Therapy Types, and comprehensive content Centers dedicated to subjects from ADHD to Parenting.

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The directory lists clinical professionals, psychiatrists, and treatment centers providing mental health services. Now in 20 countries, we help millions of people find care and support.

Its launch in 2003 signaled that Psychology Today is “Here to Help,” not just in the realm of editorial information but also in the sometimes-urgent, always important business of connecting consumers with licensed clinicians. These clinicians offer detailed profiles and video introductions to demonstrate their expertise, and are easily accessible via confidential email and phone exchanges.

If you're a professional who's not yet in the directory, please sign up.


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