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Photo of Tendai Chisirimunhu Kathemba in Parklands, Western Cape
Tendai Chisirimunhu Kathemba
I am a registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor( SWC18/357)and qualifed with a BA (HSS), BA (HONS) Psychology and BA (CSC). I'm also South Africa's Country representative at GMHPN. All human beings should and can fulfill their potential and live with dignity,equality and health. My focus is holistic mental health at primary health care level. I believe genuine connection is the foundation to good therapy. My holistic approach situates people's lived experiences within the systems and structures that influence and impact our everyday lives. Healing is not only a personal agency but also the collective responsibility of societies.
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Parklands 7441
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Photo of Arnfried Klein-Werner, Counsellor in Parklands, Western Cape
Arnfried Klein-Werner
The pain of continued relational conflict, that just never seems to be resolved can eat at your soul, leaving you feeling alone and exhausted. The desire to have your partner know your pain and see your hurt is what you long for. Whether the pain has been caused by them, or whether you suffer from the pain of abuse at the hands of caregivers or others in your childhood, you want someone to know and understand what you are going through. You want the pain to stop and become free and whole. Sometimes you just wish you could run away.
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Parklands 7441
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Sex Therapy Counsellors
Sex therapists in Parklands offer help with sexual concerns by educating, using talk therapy, offering homework exercises and resources for further exploration to either individuals or couples. Sex therapy helps couples talk about sex with each other. A sex therapist feels comfortable talking about sex and is aware of how anxious you might feel talking about this intimate subject with each other and with a near-stranger. They will help set you at ease and guide you into talking about sex. While sex therapists can help with many problems, low sexual desire and frequency disagreements between partners are two of the most frequent concerns they address.