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Photo of Monica Fourie in Elarduspark, Gauteng
Monica Fourie
In this modern world we live in, we are exposed and overwhelmed by what we hear and see on a daily basis. Our "normal" now are days filled with violence, crime, trauma, stress, depression and burnout from long working hours and a rushed lifestyle. Our coping mechanisms are now drugs, alcohol and sex. All destructive. When we reach out and ask for help it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. It is a way to learn new coping skills and how to use them when facing our world and the challenges in it.
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Photo of Shanté Dalhouzie, Counsellor in Elarduspark, Gauteng
Shanté Dalhouzie
Counsellor, HPCSA - Counsellor
Flourish Well-being is an independent psychological practice, under which I offer mental health services. I find purpose in assisting individuals on their life journey. My aim is to assist individuals and/or families on their path to achieving emotional and mental stability, assisting children, adolescents and adults struggling with challenges in daily life or overcoming traumatic events.
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Intervention Counsellors
An intervention can motivate someone to seek help for alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders or other addictive behaviours.

An addiction intervention therapist in Elarduspark or a drug intervention Elarduspark typically offers a comprehensive course of treatment that is designed to provide individuals who are involved with drugs with the education and life skills they need to overcome their addiction.

Alcohol intervention Therapists in Elarduspark focus primarily on how alcohol addiction affects the entire family. Interventionist therapists in Elarduspark provide tools for the family to adequately deal with the situation, and work to establish healthy boundaries that restore order during this chaotic time. Most importantly, highly trained and educated interventionists work diligently to urge the alcoholic to accept treatment or face the consequences of his or her continued use.

The earlier an Eating disorder intervention in Elarduspark takes place, the better the chance for recovery. The cooperation of a professional is an important part of this often complex assessment.

Everything that takes place within an intervention is facilitated and supervised by a professional interventionist. One of the ways the interventionist can assist is by preventing a breakdown of communication. The interventionist will often meet with family members and friends of the affected individual prior to the intervention. During this preliminary meeting, the entire group will work together to design an approach. This may include preparing individual letters that detail personal experiences or describe pain that has been caused by the addiction.