I just love the movie Groundhog Day, specifically because of the ability to repeat one day over and over again, without regard for consequences, just having a time of your life - until you get serious and move on.

I would suggest you see the movie "Yes Man" it speeks very closely about the subject in your article, and is overall a good watch (plenty of laughs guaranteed with Jim Carrey in the lead).

This article also shares some very interesting points and stories. We are indeed in a way controlled by our own design. We are reinforced (rewarded) for all positive experiences and seek more of them. Over time our memory divides into two great blocks - positive experiences and negative experiences. Breaking the routine comes in between and when you have soo much weight on boths sides (rewarding good experiences and punishing bad ones) you rarely consider anything new - since you got soo much that you know for sure will make you happy you fear taking a risk/chance.

It's another example of accepting things as they are at the moment, in fear that opening the door might make things worse - one trully needs to be pushed over the edge to take a chance and risk learning something new or maybe s/he just needs to rationally accept full responsibility and take a chance.

The term "sailing uncharted waters" comes to mind. It was always the brave and bold (or stupid - as a popular saying goes) that steered their ships into the unknown. We are all captains of our life, but wheather we choose to explore the unknown or not is up to us - once we find the usual trade routes we rarely see the point of going off track, then again we never really know what else is there to see if we don't deviate our settled paths.

A very interesting subject and well written article indeed.