It’s not a surprise that men and women are different. They are thinking and building relationship in various ways, have uncommon ideas and speaking different “languages”. Let’s see.

Firstly, I will begin with meaning of man’s and woman’s phrases. If you are thinking that women say everything what they are thinking, you are mistaken. There are some examples from everyday life:

1. Yes = No

2. No = No

3. I want new shoes = I want shoes + new bag, new dress, new lip stick and, of course, perfume

4. Our living room is so uncomfortable = I want to move to a new house

5. I do not know = Yes

6. Are you hungry = I want to eat

7. I’m tired of everyday life= We need to go on holidays

8. Dear, do you love me? = Want to ask for something expensive

9. How was your working day? = Need free ten minutes to think about something

10. Can you, please, switch off the light? I want to send this night with you in romantic atmosphere = I put on the weight and hope that you will not notice my +4 kilos.

Men are not exceptions in this case, too. There are some the most vivid illustrations:

1. Yes = Yes

2. No = No

3. May be = No

4. Let’s go out tonight = I’m tired of your why look

5. I want to sleep = I want to sleep

6. Your manicure looks excellent = 25 pounds and it doesn’t even look different

7. You look luxurious in your old black dress with magnificent red flowers = I’m not planning to buy a new dress

8. Your second dress was much better than this one = Come on, we are in hurry, I can’t wait so long

9. What are you doing tonight = I really want to have sex with you

10. May be I can see you tomorrow = May be I will have sex with you tomorrow

But, of course, the main differences we can notice in man’s and woman’s attitude to: friends, wedding, children, sex, dress and even toys. Let’s take for example wedding. A female’s wedding dress costs about 2500 pounds, in contrast to 100 pounds for tuxedo rent. Even in discussing about wedding, women are talking about ceremony, men about stag-party. Thats why, people take interest in escort services.

Mobile phone in the hands of women looks like favorite toy; only women after spending two days with her best girlfriend and upon returning home can call the same girlfriend and talk for four hours. Men, in contrast to women, usually use mobile telephone for sending short messages or making fast business calls.

And finally, my favorite example – toys. Females (girls) like toys, but after 12 years old they loose interest and becoming more selective in their hobbies. Men in their turn are never loosing interest in toys, but if at the age of 5 they are satisfied with rubber weapon, at 12 with bicycle and video games, at 30 they are crazy about more expensive things: cars, watches and so on. Males can’t grow out of their toy mania.