Denial has two banks, left and right. They may squabble about 'the science' but they certainly agree that murdering, raping, torturing, and stealing from 100% innocent people is perfectly justified. Madeleine Albright was happy to say so publicly when she was replied "we think the price was worth it" about the death of half a million children due to the policies of her and her (Democratic) administration.

So when arguments are framed as 'Democrat vs. Republican,' I only see desperate psychopathic murderers on both sides.

97% of phrenologists believe that sloping foreheads are a sign of low intelligence. That does not make it so.

When one asks what exactly the funds from carbon taxes and other climate-change-related revenues are to be used for, the answer is nearly universal: global governance. Hardly a word is spoken regarding the emergency upgrades to infrastructure that we would be in desperate need of if the oceans are indeed about to rise catastrophically.

The narrative we receive over and over again is that we are expected to pay money based on the use of one of the cornerstones of the lifecycle - CO2 - in order to have funds available for "governance" which simply means further concentration of power at the top - the exact place that real environmental degradation comes from.

You won't find me voting for any Republicans, anywhere, ever. But neither will you find me voting for the war criminals and power-mad psychopaths of the Democratic party. All of them belong in jail, forever, for what they have done to our Earth and our Humanity. Defense of either is indefensible.