As a black person, I find the direct correlations made about conservative white males and climate change denial to be sad and disappointing.

This article is an example of the elitism you rage about. Politics have always been driven by racial, ideological and financial drivers. Climate change unfortunately while a real future danger, is arguably also a financial windfall for proponents of climate change policies. This does not invalidate the urgency of meaningful climate change, but it underscores a real and undeniable facet of the climate change industry that politicians (left leaning) pretend to ignore; the real vs inflated costs of climate change, with respect to the rate of climate change.

The global champion of climate change Emmanuel Macron, just caved in to the yellow jacket protesters. What does that say to you? It says to me, if he truly believed in climate change as you do, he would have resigned, as the non-implementation of his carbon tax would be incompatible with his value system. He didn't. He caved. Evidence that the urgency is not as great as he made it seem, or he is content for now with continued erosion of the environment.

This is a simple example to show that ultimately, he is no different from the conservative white males you seem to loathe. His ideology seems to align with yours, but when faced with a clear choice, environment or political power, he chose the later. The conservative white males are merely doing the same.

Don't inject petty politics and unconfirmed racial stereotyping into scientific discourse please.