I am a general interest who was on the hospital staff for 40 years.
My comment has to do with my wife's disability which was certified by the US Federal Government in 1987.
Because I am her primary caregiver, I asked Human Resources repeated to made accommodations for her. They never addressed the issue. The hospital held it against me that we were unable to attend social functions. Can you imagine a major hospital that does not provide ADA access for a physician's spouse?
The State of Washington, instead, disciplined me for being involved in my wife's health care. I told them that I was acting as a caregiver. I asked the state to clarify the difference of being a physician caregiver and a physician providing health care to a disabled person. And ... surprise, surprise, surprise ... they refused to answer the question. As a consequence, I have completely removed myself from her care, to her determent. She has since gone on to add breast cancer and severe familial tremor to her problem list, without input from me.

any issues about my ADA status are separate.

It has amazed me how many physicians do not know that the caregiver is covered by ADA laws.