Starting back in the mid-1970s, Drs. Suzanne Steinmetz, Murray Straus and Richard Gelles conducted the first nationwide study of domestic violence. They found that women battered men as often as the converse. Shortly after publishing their findings, feminist thugs tried to suppress this information by making death threats against the researchers, The media also participated in the coverup, and that coverup continues to this day.

In the 1990s, feminists and Democrats created the Office of Women's Health, but disregarded men's health, both at that time and ever since. They also passed the Violence Against Women Act (and ignored violence against men) by illegally preventing men's organizations from presenting the evidence of equal perpetration of domestic violence during VAWA public hearings.

False accusations of sexual assault, by women against men, are very common. Air Force psychiatrist Dr. Charles McDowell found the rate of false accusations of rape in the range of 40-60%.

There have been several cases of teenage girls falsely accusing male classmates of sexual assault., simply because they didn't like the boys. False accusations are also very common under the banner of #MeToo: Sandra Muller, the French leader of MeToo, was sued for defamation by the man she accused, and ordered to pay him 20,000 Euros.

Sex discrimination in employment against men is rampant and right out in the open, Most employment lawyers will tell men that there isn't much they can do about it. As might be expected, the feminists in Human Resources frequently promote sex discrimination against men at their companies.

The male suicide rate is four times greater than the female suicide rate. I often see feminists tell men how they are supposed to be and act, but, all too often, they are silent on female mistreatment of men, and the much higher male suicide rate.

Will you write an article about raising gentle women?