Be Loud and Proud With Your Kids

Model body positive images in the home.

Posted Nov 04, 2019

The best way to be a great parent is to be a great role model. Being proud and unashamed of your naked body is a wonderful way to help your child become proud of his or her own body.

If done early enough, nakedness in the home is normal, natural, and feels great! Parents getting naked with their children is a simple way to embody being body positive. Try a naked dance party to some favorite hits like, “Shake Your Booty.” It’s fun to celebrate the human body for what it is: an instrument that allows us to dance, to sing, and to move.

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There seems to be a stigma attached to two gay male parents doing this. Is it okay for two gay male parents to get naked with their daughter or son? Absolutely. A healthy body is something to be loud and proud of.

Along the same lines, I have heard comments that gay men adopting or conceiving a child will be deprived of a normal parenting experience. Some think that the sexual orientation of the parents will somehow affect the child in a negative way in terms of not having appropriate role models. I would argue the opposite. Gay parents do not get pregnant by accident. There is an extreme level of intention when becoming a parent, and a significant amount of sacrifice, including financial and time to complete paperwork. 

Various studies have shown that same-sex parents have more successful children, by many outcome measures than heteronormative parents. I think there is an extreme level of intentionality in having children as a same-sex couple; there really can’t be an “oopsie” pregnancy. The idea that one’s sexual orientation is somehow placing his or her child at risk is not helpful.  

Being proud of your sex life and orientation with your children is a great thing. Having sex as an adult is fun and pleasurable! It is never okay for any parent to show eroticism in front of a child. It is pivotal that all parents, whether same-sex parents or heteronormative, understand this. But what happens behind closed doors is something that you don’t need to be ashamed of. Don’t hide sexuality in the closet; teach them about sex in factual terms. 

This kind of role modeling makes children feel they have something to look forward to when they get older: a healthy, fun, sex life, no matter their sexual orientation. So, I encourage all parents (regardless of their own sexual orientation) to embrace getting naked and shaking that booty!

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