J-Lo: Prioritizing Boss Over Beauty

Stop obsessing over your looks.

Posted Aug 30, 2019

Jennifer Lopez is turning 50, and she recently posted a new, make-up free video on her YouTube channel talking about it. This beauty with curves has been a feminine icon and erotic fantasy for many young men and women since the start of her career. She wants to make a statement on how women don’t stop existing after age fifty. Well, Jennifer, you are as real as you feel. You and your new ground-breaking video, as well as highlighting your age, makes you a boss.  

Every Woman Ages

Women, we all age—and we are not going to be as young and beautiful as we once were.

It doesn’t matter how much you work out, how much Botox you use, and how many facelifts you get. You still look “good for your age.” And, older women are still beautiful. They are beautiful with wrinkles, sagging breasts that nursed children, and skin which you can’t bounce a quarter off of anymore. So, the idea that you can compete with those 25-year olds, in terms of beauty, is absurd and will only be depressing.  

But for every door that closes, another opens. What do older women gain? As our brain develops and matures, we gain experience. Our brain through repetition and learning can do things more efficiently and has learned from mistakes. Frankly: we are indeed wiser.  

Cultures that revere their elderly, like Chinese and Native American cultures, put older women in the highest places of their society. These women know where it’s at. American culture has become obsessed with youth and beauty. We don’t embrace getting older. Instead, we fight it with every cream, chemical, and scalpel imaginable.  And, at what expense? At the expense of shifting your mental state to being focused on your beauty. 

How can we shift the focus to prioritize, instead, on what we are really good at today? How do we stop wasting time obsessing over beauty and waiting until we get older to focus on what is actually important? The answer is mentorship.

Older women can provide mentorship to the next generation, teach them to be their best selves, and be a true boss (boss them around). This is great, and you will feel appreciated and loved for it. I am not as beautiful as I was at age 25, but I am smarter than I have ever been. I can do my job faster and more efficiently, and I can teach really well.    

Jennifer is shifting from being that gorgeous ingenue with the sizable backside and the amazing singing voice (all while being told what to do by record labels and stylists)…to being an executive producer, calling the shots on the sets of movies. She isn’t just wearing all the fancy clothes and makeup but making them herself through her clothing line and makeup labels. No one can put that baby in the corner. This is empowering and frankly awesome.

This is the point in women’s lives where they can embrace their power, stop worrying about beauty, and shift their energies toward what matters: how they want to change and impact the next generation.

Whether it be volunteering, teaching, writing, or otherwise, this is the fulfillment they need to shift their minds from sagging and wrinkles. And, guess what? We are living longer and healthier lives now, more than ever. Jennifer is super fit, so 50 is the new 40 for real. And, also, guess what? We are all going to die some day, that is for sure, so embrace it and live in this moment.

Enjoy your power and that sex is better than ever (because you know how your body works and what you want).

You will still be attractive to the partners your age, because guess what? They are aging, too. So what if a 25-year-old man thinks a younger girl is hotter? Because again, guess what? They probably are. But, you are hot too. And it’s not a competition. We can all win in the “who is attractive?” game in different categories. So stop competing, and focus on what you are, and can be, good at.

It may not be youth, but it's something even more special: experience, hutzpah, and being a BOSS Lady. Jennifer, Happy Birthday! You will never stop existing! 

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