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Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Programs
Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Programs
Hosted by: The Agape Center Faith Based Addiction & Trauma

Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Programs

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Our Faith Based Court Ordered alcohol and drug counseling program is a form of alternative sentencing for individuals who have been convicted of a drug, alcohol-related crime. If an individual is sentenced to a drug and alcohol rehab instead of jail, it is because the judge believes the person would be better served with counseling than incarceration. This is often the case for non-violent offenders, as incarceration is more expensive for communities and less effective than alcohol and substance abuse counseling. Dont worry if you are on probation or have open CPS case, we can help you!

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Group Meets

Every Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri


Addiction,  Alcohol Use,  Substance Use 

Types of Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) 
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Let's Connect (830) 642-1531

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