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Photo of Crossroads Counseling Services, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Crossroads Counseling Services
Treatment Center, LCSW, LCADC
Here at Crossroads we believe that good mental health is critical to successful and healthy relationships. We believe that healthy relationships are critical to good mental health. As such, we provide mental counseling supports through group and individual counseling, psycho-educational groups, and seminars and workshops dedicated to helping individuals and families relate to one another in more positive and effective ways.
(502) 306-0886 
Lexington, KY 40511
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Photo of DeNova, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Treatment Center, 3092814
A person-centered approach to mental health is integrative mental health care which takes into account the needs, preferences, and circumstances of each patient. We target maintaining optimal health and treating symptoms, not disorders. We use mainstream approaches such as psychotherapy and judicious use of medications, as well as complementary and alternative therapies such as digital therapeutics.
(859) 605-9990 
Lexington, KY 40505
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Photo of Altruism Counseling Services, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Altruism Counseling Services
Treatment Center, LCSW, LCADC, AODE, DUI Pro
We offer treatment for anyone that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol and/ or a mental health disorder. We offer addiction, mental health and anger management assessments. We offer individual, outpatient and intensive outpatient program (IOP) Treatment. We offer family therapy because we believe addiction is a family disease. We offer anger management classes and DUI assessments, classes and treatment.
(859) 217-4519 
Lexington, KY 40507
Photo of Landmark Recovery, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Landmark Recovery
Treatment Center
Landmark Recovery exists to assist each patient in the development of a lifestyle that is permanently free from all mind and mood altering substances and that promotes the patient’s well-being across mind, body, and spirit. We strive to achieve this vision by building strong, ethically-grounded relationships between each employee and each patient. These relationships outlast the treatment program and continue to serve the patient as long as necessary post-discharge.
(502) 215-3378 
We serve:
Lexington, KY 40511
Photo of Bluegrass Behavioral School for Children, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Bluegrass Behavioral School for Children
Treatment Center, BSN
We help children who exhibit mild to more severe challenges. Some families need help with hyperactivity and attention, sensory disorders, anxiety, defiance or aggression. Others need help navigating concerns around separation or divorce. Many children have been exposed to traumatic events such as witnessing domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or the loss of a parent, caregiver, or sibling. Some families call with concerns that their child may be showing symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. And finally, children who are struggling to succeed in childcare or preschool are also appropriate for our Bluegrass Behavioral School for Children. In general we like to tell parents, “If parenting feels more frustrating than pleasurable it’s time to get help.”
(502) 735-1748 
We serve:
Lexington, KY 40502
Photo of Quantum Behavioral Health Services, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Quantum Behavioral Health Services
Treatment Center
Are fear, anxiety, and uncertainty feeling all too familiar day after day? Are you ready to get help, but worried about what will change when you do? If you’ve ever worried about how long you’ll stay in a facility or whether you’ll lose your job when you seek treatment, you’re not alone. We work with you, your family, and your employer (if needed) to remove any roadblocks to your recovery and we create a treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. So, you’ll always know what’s next. How would it feel to be independent? To walk through your day without needing to drink or use? To get your life back? To have healthier relationships? It’s possible. No matter where you are in your journey, there’s hope. There’s Quantum. We’ll help you discover the changes you need to make, the steps to take to avoid relapse, and the skills you’ll need to create the life you want. Because we’re a smaller facility, you’ll get to know the treatment team with whom you’re working, get your questions answered, and connect with staff who can celebrate your progress with you every step of the way.
(732) 217-4734 
We serve:
Lexington, KY 40526
Photo of Cumberland Heights, Nashville Addiction Treatment, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Cumberland Heights, Nashville Addiction Treatment
Treatment Center
Cumberland Heights is for those who need more. We start with the 12 Steps, yet we go further. A patient's treatment plan includes an assigned counselor and a small, gender-specific group with whom trust becomes natural. We are a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center located on the banks of the Cumberland River. The natural beauty of our 177 acre campus, our state of the art facilities and decades of experience provide lasting healing to those suffering from addiction.
(855) 805-4664 
We serve:
Lexington, KY 40503

Online Treatment Centers

Photo of JourneyPure - Florida, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
JourneyPure - Florida
Treatment Center
You deserve treatment that actually helps you get your life back on track (for good). JourneyPure is backed by 6K+ success stories and hundreds of positive reviews online. When you're ready to talk about doing something different, give us a call.
(850) 779-9005 
Danville, KY 40422
Offers video visits
Photo of Creative Spirits Behavioral Health, Treatment Center in Lexington, KY
Creative Spirits Behavioral Health
Treatment Center, MS, LMFT, LCADC
(502) 517-0718 
Louisville, KY 40243
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Intervention Treatment Centers
An intervention can motivate someone to seek help for alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders or other addictive behaviors.

An addiction intervention in Lexingtonfor drug intervention Lexington typically offers a comprehensive course of treatment that is designed to provide individuals who are involved with drugs with the education and life skills they need to overcome their addiction.

Alcohol interventions in Lexington focus primarily on how alcohol addiction affects the entire family. Interventionists in Lexington provide tools for the family to adequately deal with the situation, and work to establish healthy boundaries that restore order during this chaotic time. Most importantly, highly trained and educated interventionists work diligently to urge the alcoholic to accept treatment or face the consequences of his or her continued use.

The earlier an Eating disorder intervention in Lexington takes place, the better the chance for recovery. The cooperation of a professional is an important part of this often complex assessment.

Everything that takes place within an intervention is facilitated and supervised by a professional interventionist. One of the ways the interventionist can assist is by preventing a breakdown of communication. The interventionist will often meet with family members and friends of the affected individual prior to the intervention. During this preliminary meeting, the entire group will work together to design an approach. This may include preparing individual letters that detail personal experiences or describe pain that has been caused by the addiction.

Rehab in Lexington

Clients who are looking for Drug Rehab in Lexington or Alcohol Rehab in Lexington can find help at a treatment center. The first step towards recovery usually requires clients to detox in Lexington under medical supervision, and follow-up with a period of intensive therapy at the center.


Residential inpatient treatment in Lexington consists of 24-hour care at a live-in facility. Full treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are provided all at one location.

Outpatient treatment programs in Lexington provide flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives, work or school. Programs typically meet at the clinic a couple of times every week for a few hours at a time.

Certain programs provide a combination of the in/out approach: Inpatient for medical stabilization, partial hospitalization for moderate cases, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient clinics for follow-up. For instance, opiate abusers may find it helpful to begin their abstinence with a brief but intensive outpatient opiate drug detox in Lexington.