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What can a cognitive behavioral therapist help with?

Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on identifying dysfunctional thoughts and replacing them with healthy thoughts to propel emotional and behavioral changes. This approach can apply to many life challenges, such as stress, grief, self-esteem issues or relationship problems, and many mental disorders including depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, eating disorders and sleep disorders.

Who is a certified cognitive behavioral therapist?

Many therapists practice cognitive behavioral therapy. There is no certification or license required to become a cognitive behavioral therapist, but patients can benefit from finding someone who has training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy. Any mental health professional should also be properly licensed and credentialed.

What conditions are best treated with CBT?

CBT is often an excellent approach to treat anxiety and depression. But it can treat many conditions outside of those two, including ADHD, eating disorders, sleep disorders, alcohol and substance use disorders, relationship problems, and other personal difficulties. CBT focuses on changing behavior by disrupting harmful patterns of thought; it is a short-term, concrete, goal-oriented form of therapy.

How can I recognize a good cognitive behavioral therapist?

What defines a good therapist primarily depends on the patient and the connection between the two; successful therapy often hinges on a strong alliance. A strong cognitive behavioral therapist is able to guide you through the process of challenging your harmful thoughts and replacing them with neutral or healthy ones. They’ll be able to clearly teach you the skillset needed so that you yourself can use CBT techniques in your daily life.