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What can an Asian therapist help with?

An Asian therapist may exhibit cultural sensitivity that allows them to relate to and support an Asian client’s emotional experiences, beliefs, and values. A therapist’s background or training may align with the experience of a client in whole or in part. Many individuals seek out a therapist with similar background in hopes of establishing a level of cultural competence that will enhance the therapeutic alliance and make a client feel more readily understood.

What is an Asian-sensitive approach in therapy?

Therapists sensitive to or familiar with Asian culture can be found practicing a variety of therapy types. One might find culturally sensitive health professionals who practice therapies such as cognitive behavioral or psychoanalysis or psychodynamic, and such competence can be found for virtually all mental health concerns. A therapist who shares a person’s cultural background or sensitivity will likely lead to a more robust connection between the practitioner and client.

Can therapists be trained for cultural competence?

There are cultural competency programs within mental health training programs, and a therapist might also enroll in diversity and inclusion training on their own. Ask the potential therapist if they have completed such courses, and or if they have had experience working with clients of various cultures and backgrounds.

What are the advantages of working with an Asian therapist or counselor?

It is important to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, who is responsive to questions and concerns, and who can communicate effectively with you. Choosing a therapist who exhibits relevant cultural competence might help an individual to speak freely about a range of concerns. In some cases, depending on the nature of the concern, it may be that an Asian therapist would have a sense of context that can enhance the therapeutic alliance. As with any therapist, it is useful to inquire whether a clinician has extensive experience working with people whose concerns or symptoms are similar to your own.