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Photo of Dr. Danny, Counselor in Silverdale, WA
Dr. Danny
Counselor, MA, DMin, MHC
NOTE: client names were necessarily changed for confidentiality: "Dr. Danny sees the true issues with more insight than most." --- Tammy (professional teen girl advocate and club founder); "Dr. Danny has a keen understanding about the hidden struggles of people." --- Brent (therapist/counselor); "Dr. Danny's willingness to be real is refreshing!" --- Liz (wife, mother); "Without gimmicks or cliches, Dr. Danny fosters and facilitates a very safe space to know healing and talk about what, before, could not be said out loud." --- Mike (minister)
Sex Therapy
(206) 429-4579 
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Silverdale, WA 98383
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Anxiety Therapists
At the core of anxiety is a mistaken appraisal of danger in which threats are exaggerated, triggering an array of negative feelings that overwhelm patients and lead to avoidant behavior. Therapists take aim at the three big components of anxiety—worry, physical arousal or edginess, and avoidance—by teaching one or more well-researched programs of skills that are custom-tailored to patients’ own worst thoughts.

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