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Photo of Mary T. Torres, Psychologist in Texas
Mary T. Torres
Psychologist, PsyD
I am fluent in American Sign Language and provide psychological services to persons who are Deaf.
I am here to help you with common concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship matters, and coping with grief or trauma. I can also serve as a sounding board if you are seeking new directions or sorting through spirituality issues. You may be someone who can benefit from counseling even in situations not covered by health insurance. You may simply need to take some time away from the rest of your busy life, with someone who listens well and who is not directly involved---to sort through things, get feedback from a different perspective, obtain ideas, and receive support to work on changes for a better quality of life.
(210) 764-6583 
San Antonio, TX 78228
Offers online therapy
Photo of Kristen Crossen, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Texas
Kristen Crossen
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSW
Kristen is Deaf and fluent in American Sign Language .
Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed with various aspects of your life? Are you looking to make a change, but are not sure where to begin? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! Kristen will assist you in taking the first steps toward achieving your personal goals, and continue to support you along your journey to wellness.
(508) 466-5475 
Austin, TX 78747
Offers online therapy
Photo of Alyssa Highland, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Alyssa Highland
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPCS
Services provided in American Sign Language as well as spoken English.
It takes such courage to share your story with others. You do everything you can to navigate the struggles in life and find that sometimes everything you've tried just isn't enough. Some relationships continue to elicit emotions so strong they feel impossible no matter how many skills you've learned to apply. You are enough. You are resilient. You can heal and thrive, and I'm honored to walk alongside you as you discover how you want to handle life moving forward. Counseling can be a place where you rediscover your best, and silence the noise that distracts you from living in abundance.
(469) 789-7655 
Sunnyvale, TX 75182
Offers online therapy
Photo of Monique Champagne, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Monique Champagne
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC
Counseling, to me, is a collaborative process. I specialize in providing identity-affirming counseling from a feminist-multicultural perspective, and my goal is to work with individuals to improve relationships, increase authenticity and self-awareness, gain healthy coping skills, and explore personal values, identity, and spirituality. I am an EMDR-trained therapist and am fluent in both English and American Sign Language (ASL).
(682) 582-8992 
Denton, TX 76205
Offers online therapy
Photo of Christina G Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Christina G Smith
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC-S
She has been married to her husband, Wesley, since May 1981 and she has received the Tarrant County College American Sign Language Certification for Basic Communication.
Oh My! Currently I have a waiting list!! Please feel welcome to call for placement on the waitlist and continue looking for a counselor who has availablity! Now offering On-Line - Telemental Health - Telehealth Counseling services for Adults. My goal is to help you as you are working through the struggles that life brings your way. Christina graduated 1985 with her B.S. in Chemistry and worked for a local Pharmaceutical company for 33 years before retiring in 2018. In 2006, Christina completed her Master of Arts in Family and Marriage Counseling.
(817) 756-6957 
Haltom City, TX 76148
Offers online therapy
Photo of Karen McDowell, Psychologist in Texas
Karen McDowell
Psychologist, PhD
My work includes therapy, testing, education, coaching, and consulting. I work with clients who experience anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, and more serious mental health issues, as well as clients who are focused on growth, motivation, and personal achievement. I do psychological testing for issues such as ADHD, mood disorders, disability, dementia, and neurological problems, and I provide treatment recommendations for other clinicians, such as psychiatrists, primary care doctors, and neurologists. I also have self-paced online classes for mental health skills, including "Anxiety is an Asshole" and "Boundaries Boot Camp."
(940) 315-7983 
Argyle, TX 76226
Offers online therapy
Photo of April Grissom, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
April Grissom
Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, C-DBT
Do you ever say "I'm done" or "nothing is working " You may feel that there is no hope and that your life is slipping out of control. I view counseling as a collaboration between the therapist and the client(s) where we work together on understanding and resolving issues that are important to you. I understand the emotional, physical, and relationship impact that anxiety, anger, depression have on you. I will help you feel empowered and able to achieve your goals.
(817) 241-5351 
Denton, TX 76201
Not accepting new clients
Photo of Maricela Chapman, LMFT, Marriage & Family Therapist in Texas
Maricela Chapman, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
I've been in private practice since 2006. I make every effort to assist each client to live in the here and now in a healthy manner. I am motivated and continue to make every effort to effectively treat the following conditions and symptoms: Depression, Aniety, Panic Attacks, Emotional Disorders, Anger Management, ADHD and Conflict Resolution. I have worked with incarcerated juveniles, foster children, and adult men and women. I am a provider for many insurance companies and at times I operate on a sliding scale fee.
(951) 363-2594 
Temple, TX 76502
Photo of Texas Online Christian Counseling and Supervision, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Texas Online Christian Counseling and Supervision
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, MA Ed, LPC-S
Online therapy SERVING AGES 18 AND UP: Seeking a therapist can be an uncomfortable process especially when seeking Christian counseling. Healing from life's pains can only be done in an environment where you feel comfortable and not judged. Sometimes we are hurt by other Christians who have the best intentions, but lack training on how to avoid causing more hurt. Here at Texas OCC, we offer support, Biblical wisdom, gentleness of spirit, and clinical knowledge to help you overcome pains of the past and move forward to be all that God created you to be. We love seeing Him heal, restore and bring joy to the lives of His children.
(469) 981-3032 x1 
Austin, TX 78759
Offers online therapy
Photo of Treichae Holmes in Texas
Treichae Holmes
I serve caregivers, employers, and educators of individuals with neurodiverse needs through evidence-based coaching and training. My specific area of expertise is in helping parents meet the unique needs of their children through evidence-based practices that put the needs of their child first. I have over 12 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis and like to use my knowledge of the science, and experience as both an Autistic woman and as a parent of an Autistic child to help individuals navigate the needs of their loved ones ages 2-40. Additionaly, I am a birth and postpartum doula.
(682) 228-2793 
Fort Worth, TX 76112
Not accepting new clients
Photo of Jeff Lutes, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Jeff Lutes
Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, QTAP
For over 34 years I've created collaborative conversations with clients that generate new possibilities for change. I use a postmodern approach and strive to understand how clients make meaning of themselves, others, and the world around them. I tend to be active in those conversations - not passive - and I am respectful and goal-oriented. I also enjoy writing, providing consultation to other professionals, and speaking to audiences about love, dating, and relationships.
(512) 793-9425 
Austin, TX 78746
Offers online therapy
Photo of Cannenta Center for Healing and Empowerment, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Texas
Cannenta Center for Healing and Empowerment
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, DSW
Are you finding it difficult to focus or unable to find the motivation to make it through the day? Are you or your children struggling with returning to in-person work or school? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, we are here to help. Our team of skilled practitioners have multiple years’ experience working with individuals and families who have experienced traumas at some level, which has impacted their daily living. Our goal is to help you and your family build resiliency while finding inner strength and healing. Let us walk this journey with you in overcoming obstacles that are holding you back.
(469) 256-7872 
Addison, TX 75001
Offers online therapy
Photo of Andra Soto, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Texas
Andra Soto
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
When you begin to recognize that your enjoyment of your child seems to be decreasing while feelings of being stuck, stressed, or overwhelmed are increasing, early childhood mental health services can be an effective tool to get things back on track. Healthy parent/child relationships reflect secure attachment, responsive attunement, and mutual enjoyment. But many things can interrupt that process, even typical things like the birth of a sibling or starting school. These experiences can contribute to challenging behaviors in children that are difficult to handle. Therapy can help to restore connection and understanding.
(512) 229-9328 
Round Rock, TX 78664
Offers online therapy
Waitlist for new clients
Photo of Dr. Lori Shynell Sonnier-Guidry, Pastoral Counselor in Texas
Dr. Lori Shynell Sonnier-Guidry
Pastoral Counselor, ThD, PhD, CPC
Guidrycares Christian Counselors provide counseling services, rehabilitation support, and advice from a spiritual perspective. Let us serve those suffering from mental health issues, addictions, disabilities, or traumas of life. We serve, children, adolescents, adults, couples, groups, and families.
(281) 688-9592 x402 
Houston, TX 77002
Offers online therapy
Photo of Steven Lee Parks, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Texas
Steven Lee Parks
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, MBA
I specialize in treating symptoms of trauma, anxiety, and depression in children, adolescents, and adults. I am also trained to assist parents deal with behavioral problems such as acting out, disrespect, hyperactivity/attention-deficits, lack of focus/motivation, and non-compliance. My approach is very strengths-based and person-centered with a strong emphasis on adjusting the environment for optimal mental health and family functioning. My practice is on the southwest side near the intersection of Houston / Sugar Land / Stafford / Missouri City.
(713) 893-1356 
Sugar Land, TX 77479
Not accepting new clients
Photo of Jason Anthony Adams, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Texas
Jason Anthony Adams
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, MA, NCC, LPC-A
As the parent of a struggling teen, you often find yourself wondering what you can do to help them feel better. You feel like you've tried everything, but nothing seems to be working--at least not for long. No matter what you do, you just can't seem to reach them. Their personality has changed, and sometimes you worry that things could get worse. You know they have so much potential, but where did it go? Reaching out to a therapist can be scary because you want someone who can truly connect with your teen, and you want someone who will keep you informed on their progress.
(979) 269-7582 
College Station, TX 77845
Photo of Deidra Fuller, Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas
Deidra Fuller
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Deidra Fuller is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas who has over 15 years of experience partnering with adults in their journey toward freeing themselves from addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, and relationship challenges. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Interpretation-ASL/English from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and received her Master's degree in Special Education-Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Texas—Austin.
(432) 216-4733 
Midland, TX 79707
Offers online therapy
Photo of Community Connection Counseling PLLC, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate in Texas
Community Connection Counseling PLLC
Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, MS
Trauma, anxiety, panic attacks? Get affordable help now! You don't have to live like this forever. You're worth getting help! Couple or family problems? Get help NOW!
(956) 303-6058 
Brownsville, TX 78520
Offers online therapy
Photo of Danielle Peters, LPC Associate in Texas
Danielle Peters
LPC Associate, NCC
To say life is difficult is an understatement, but know that you do not have to face it alone. I want to help you address and heal your inner conflicts. This is a task that is led by you and not me, and I would be honored to come alongside you in uncovering your best life. With tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and a Person-Centered approach, together, we can improve your daily living. I have worked with those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal relationship struggles, those who identify as Christians, and those who are LGBTQIA+.
(469) 306-4024 
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
Offers online therapy
Photo of Christina Turner, LPC Intern in Texas
Christina Turner
LPC Intern, LPC-A
Over the past several years, Christina has had the opportunity to experience clients from all walks of life. Christina has worked with individuals, couples, and families. Her passion resides around helping those who battle mental, physical, and emotional issues by utilizing a holistic approach.
(817) 662-4784 
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Offers online therapy

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If you're looking for therapy in Texas with someone who uses ASL or for a Texas ASL Therapist these professionals provide therapy, psychotherapy and ASL counseling while communicating in ASL. They include ASL Therapists in Texas, ASL psychologists and ASL counselors.

If you're looking for therapy in Texas with someone who uses American Sign Language or for a Texas American Sign Language Therapist these professionals provide therapy, psychotherapy and American Sign Language counseling while communicating in American Sign Language. They include American Sign Language Therapists in Texas, American Sign Language psychologists and ASL counselors.