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Women and Resiliency
Women and Resiliency
Hosted by: Serenity Counseling of Huntsville

Women and Resiliency

Serenity Counseling of Huntsville
Hosted by: Stacie Scherer
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Connect with Women and Resiliency

As women, we manage so much in our modern lives. We definitely have the most important roles in our modern world yet we don't always feel that we are doing a good enough job. We may even feel like a failure! If this sounds familiar, then this group is for you. Here we will explore our lives as women and find SPACE & GRACE for ourselves as we work in community to create peace and ease for our minds, bodies and spirits. You DESERVE to live a life you LOVE! Say yes to you and join the next group starting in 2024.

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Every Tue 8:30 A.M. - 9:30 A.M.


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Connect with Women and Resiliency

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Last Modified: 31 Jan 2024