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How does sandplay work?

Sandplay therapy often uses a humanistic approach; it is neutral, unbiased, and respectful of the individual. This technique normally utilizes figurines, toys, and at times water in a safe and relaxed environment. The individual expresses their imagination through metaphors and symbolism, and the therapist observes with gentle encouragement.

Does a therapist need certification to practice sandplay?

While there is no specific certification required to conduct this therapy, there is such certification available. Some of these certifications involve sandplay coursework in clinical practice along with studies in Jungian and humanistic theory. A skilled therapist, counselor, or social worker may well have the experience needed in sandplay therapy.

How long are people typically in therapy using sandplay?

Depending on the individual as well as the problem they experience, positive change can happen in just a few sessions. However, if the condition or behavior is deep-seated, improvement may require many months of therapy, or even more.

How can I recognize a good sandplay therapist?

A good therapist who uses sandplay does not interfere with the individual’s non-verbal expressions. Nor does the therapist try to interpret or direct the individual’s creativity. The therapist should be a non-judgmental witness to the individual’s creations. Analysis of the sandplay normally takes place after a session has adjourned.