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Photo of Arco Telemental Health Services, LLC, Licensed Professional Counselor in Jamison, PA
Arco Telemental Health Services, LLC
Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC, LPC-MHS, CCTP, CCATP, CTMH
With over eight years of clinical experience, I have worked with clients ranging in age from 13 - 85 to address issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse/addiction, relationship problems, and trauma/PTSD. I use several treatment modalities based on individual needs including CBT, DBT, and mindfulness based stress reduction. I work collaboratively with each client to help them achieve their treatment goals via an online platform, allowing the client to attend sessions from the comfort of their own home.
(215) 398-1590 
Jamison, PA 18929
Offers online therapy
$75 Per Session
Photo of Jennifer O’Donnell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Jamison, PA
Jennifer O’Donnell
Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC
I am an experienced mindfulness-based psychotherapist. I offer an array of therapeutic techniques which include: Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction strategies. I see counseling as a safe and therapeutic relationship. My approach is a blend of both clinical and alternative therapies designed to meet the needs of each individual. The goal is for you to gain insight and clarity into your thoughts and feelings in a supportive and encouraging relationship as we uncover new paths to your personal healing and transformation.
(215) 883-4570 
Jamison, PA 18929
Offers online therapy

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Online Therapy
Teletherapy and Online counseling have grown enormously as a medium for therapy since the advent of social distancing. Most therapists are happy to provide sessions by video or phone.

All professionals are licensed to provide video therapy to clients within the State in which they hold their license. Cross State licensing exists, but is rare.

So if you're a client in Jamison, this list of teletherapists are licensed to provide therapy to you online (by phone, video or text based chat) because they are within your state. They are sorted nearest to furthest, with professionals in Jamison listed first.

Teletherapy via phone or video can be very similar to conventional in person sessions. The message is the same, even if the medium is different. There are some advantages in the form of convenience, lack of travel and being in comfort of your own home. Set against those, professionals find it more difficult to read non-verbal signals of their clients, and you may find you yourself can be more easily distracted.