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Increase Well-being
Increase Well-being
Hosted by: Michelle Kane

Increase Well-being

Michelle Kane
Hosted by: Michelle Kane
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This 8 week group will incorporate personal and interpersonal mindfulness, positive psychology, and ACT, along with small body movement, the latest neuroscience research, and other evidence-based practices to promote wellness and well-being. A portion of the curriculum will be psychoeducation, but mostly experiential. Each class is $75 ($600 non-refundable total due by the first session) running either in the evening, and lasting approximately 1.5 hours per group session. Some insurance may reimburse for group fees. Please contact your insurance provider for more information. Join us in taking steps towards greater wellbeing! Contact me to sign up.

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Every Mon 6 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.


Anxiety,  Depression 


Email Michelle Kane about this group or call - (619) 438-0527
Let's Connect (619) 438-0527

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Last Modified: 2 Dec 2023