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Photo of Trina S Crowe - Certified Sex Therapist, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in Allegan, MI
Trina S Crowe - Certified Sex Therapist
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW, CST, CAAC
Therapy is about uncovering desire. It is an adventure in moving past, dissolving or reducing painful problems and embracing life, love and relationships. It is more than words; it is experiencing oneself in ways that are meaningful, whatever that looks like for each person. I work with individuals and couples (gay, straight, poly, trans), who want more from their lives. I believe there is always hope and possibilities and I passionately work with people to discover opportunities for more of what they want in life.
(269) 301-1109 
Allegan, MI 49010

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Infidelity Therapists
"My partner has cheated on me". It's a refrain Therapists in Allegan hear often from clients. Infidelity is breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner. Affairs, lying, extramarital relationships, cheating and betrayal are all forms of infidelity. Should you stay? Can trust be rebuilt? Can you and should you forgive and move on?

If you're looking for someone to talk to about a partner who has cheated on you, or for an Allegan infidelity therapist who can help you recover from an affair and overcome the lying and betrayal, these infidelity therapists in Allegan can help with infidelity issues.