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Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp
Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp
Hosted by: Lisa Orbé-Austin

Imposter Syndrome Bootcamp

Lisa Orbé-Austin
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Your Roadmap to Overcome Impostor Syndrome — so you can beat self-doubt, and finally embrace your full potential. This transformational course is based on OWN YOUR GREATNESS — the game-changing Impostor Syndrome workbook everyone is talking about. (LinkedIn, Forbes, Good Morning America over 10,000 copies sold.) You have a dream to advance your career, create your ideal lifestyle and feel truly satisfied in your career. We have over 15 years of experience; the exercises and strategies we’ve researched and developed have proven to empower you to take action, feel more confident in your career & life.

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Let's Connect (917) 765-7429

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Last Modified: 30 Nov 2022