John S Shealy, PhD, Psychologist in Louisville

Organizational Mindfulness Training

For those progressive businesses, healthcare and non-profit organizations seeking to integrate mindfulness into their work environment, I offer a variety of mindfulness training programs. These range from a one-hour introduction combined with a comprehensive self-study package (very cost effective) to an eight-week Integral Mindfulness or MBSR small group class (quite likely to show meaningful results). For those seeking to ground their organization in mindfulness and/or Integral Theory, a comprehensive management training program combined with targeted staff trainings can be developed. For more information, visit

Group Details

Issues: Coping Skills, Peer Relationships, Stress
Treatment Orientation: Mindfulness-based (MBCT)
Age: Adults


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Last Modified: 18 Oct 2017
John S Shealy, PhD, Psychologist in Louisville

John S Shealy

Psychologist, PhD