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Ethical Non Monogamy Support group
Ethical Non Monogamy Support group
Hosted by: Infinite Zen Holistic Psychotherapy

Ethical Non Monogamy Support group

Infinite Zen Holistic Psychotherapy
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If you’re polyamorous, swingers, Kinky or in an open non-monogamous relationship, finding support and community may seem impossible. I am here to be a guide in your journey. ENM and BDSM/KINK are our lived experiences. Polyamorous and open relationships can be just as fulfilling and meaningful as monogamous ones. This group is designed for couples, polycules and individuals new or experienced with ENM. Biweekly on Wednesdays 7-8:30pm EST Suggested donation: $35 per person. Discounts available if needed. Most common topics: Jealousy ,Time/Energy/ Finances, Agreements, Attachment & Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication and New Relationship Energy

Group Details

Session Cost

$50 - $70


Anxiety,  Transgender 

Types of Therapy

Trauma Focused 


Email DuEwa 'kaya' Spicer about this group or call - (202) 816-6098
Let's Connect (202) 816-6098

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Last Modified: 8 Nov 2023