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What can a Gottman method counselor help with?

A Gottman method counselor helps couples develop skills and understanding to encourage happy and harmonious relationships. The treatment can be used for many relationship problems but may be particularly relevant for couples who find themselves struggling with communication, frequent conflict, infidelity, disconnection, sexual frustration, financial difficulties, or disparate parenting styles.

Who is a qualified Gottman method psychologist?

Aspects of the Gottman method have been incorporated into many forms of couples therapy, but there is an accreditation process to be a certified Gottman method therapist. To become certified, therapists must complete three levels of training with the Gottman Institute, have a master’s or doctoral degree in a mental health field, and complete 1,000 hours of postgraduate therapy sessions.

What does Gottman method therapy look like?

Couples begin Gottman method therapy with an assessment of their relationship and an introduction to the method, which focuses on increasing positive interactions and improving communication. Each partner will share with the therapist details about themselves, as well as their ideas for how a relationship should work and their goals for treatment. As sessions continue, the therapist will provide feedback, help each person with what they need to work on, and check in on progress or setbacks. Ultimately, the couple should be able to take the skills learned in sessions and maintain the health of their relationship beyond therapy.

How do I recognize a good Gottman method therapist?

Successful therapy depends on a strong connection between the couple and the therapist. An effective Gottman method therapist should be able to make their clients feel comfortable and able to access the emotional resources to help them change their behavior to benefit the relationship. A good Gottman method therapist will instruct the couple on relationship dynamics and allow them to continue to progress on their own, even after treatment is complete.