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Lgbqia+ & Gender Diverse Teen Group
Lgbqia+ & Gender Diverse Teen Group
Hosted by: Caitlyn Burns

Lgbqia+ & Gender Diverse Teen Group

Caitlyn Burns
Hosted by: Caitlyn Burns
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Let's Connect (862) 465-9691

My purpose is to build connections and community. I am offering a therapeutic space to: -Build skills for coping with stress, emotional regulation, & conflict resolution -Talk about peer and family relationships -Continue to develop your identity -Ask questions -Share experiences. ? Please reach out today if you would like to join or if you have any questions! ? NOTE: This group is not currently open to allies, but if there is a strong interest in a group for allies, we would be more than happy to get one started.

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Peer Relationships,  Transgender 


Email Caitlyn Burns about this group or call - (862) 465-9691
Let's Connect (862) 465-9691

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Last Modified: 4 Jan 2024