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Experiential IFS Group Supervision
Experiential IFS Group Supervision
Hosted by: Cadey Phipps

Experiential IFS Group Supervision

Cadey Phipps
Hosted by: Cadey Phipps
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This supervision group is open to any therapists/coaches/healers wanting to explore their therapist parts through an experiential IFS lens. Please note this is NOT therapy, but it will likely feel therapeutic and be vulnerable. Participants will come to group with their own parts related to their therapeutic work, maybe something or someone with whom they may feel activated or “stuck”, and we will explore this part using IFS while the rest of the group holds space and shares their own Self energy, with time at the end to process and ask questions.

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Second Wed 11 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
Email Cadey Phipps about this group or call - (615) 258-6861
Let's Connect (615) 258-6861

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