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Ying Wang
Hi:) Counseling is a way to bring ourselves back to self, in a deeper and real way. Learning about self and improving the awareness of self love, caring and exploring the most comfortable way to live our life. We spent too much time and energy to worry about things or holding too much fear of being judged, while we forgot that life was actually about my feeling not others expectation. It is not things make us stuck, it is our perspective. Yes, life is about perspective, counseling is just a journey that we work together to find the best fitful ways to make us worthy, cherished and loved by practicing or rebuilding.
Borderline Personality
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Bipolar Disorder Therapists
Therapy helps treat bipolar disorder through many different pathways. Therapy offers psychoeducation to improve medication compliance, skills to cope with the challenges of living with the condition, lifestyle remedies, connection to loved ones for greater support, and immediate help for crises that might trigger a manic or depressive episode. Patients come to treatment with different goals, so a therapist should encourage patients to share those goals and work collaboratively to find the right approach.

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