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Photo of Open Door Therapeutic Services, LLC, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in 21228, MD
Open Door Therapeutic Services, LLC
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW-C
Open Door Therapeutic Services, LLC is a mental health practice committed to helping children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, couples, families and groups. We specialize in providing support to individuals seeking guidance in working through complex emotions, and traumatic experiences. We provide support to those seeking to learn new techniques to cope with difficult situations, individuals focused on developing personal growth, and individuals seeking to manage their mental health needs.
(410) 498-8212 
Baltimore, MD 21228
Offers online therapy
Photo of Alan Kutner, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in 21228, MD
Alan Kutner
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
Honesty. Vulnerability. Courage. If you are reading this right now you may be looking to make some positive changes in your life. It takes someone that is truly honest with themselves to reach out when they need help. It takes vulnerability to talk about it. It takes courage to follow through. Sometimes we may feel stuck in life and we come to a bridge that we need to cross. Are you looking for a therapist that is real and genuine that can assist you in crossing this bridge?
(301) 273-1583 
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Catonsville, MD 21228
Offers online therapy

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Music Therapy
Listening to and creating music for a client's well-being music therapy in 21228 uses music to help improve the mental health of clients. 21228 Music therapy can be used for a variety of conditions, and with adults or children. The practice can help people suffering from anxiety, depression, and trauma to illuminate or express underlying sources of pain. Those with autism can improve the ability to communicate and socialize through music therapy's structured setting, activities, and relationship.