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Photo of Kira I Silvanus, Pre-Licensed Professional in 18067, PA
Kira I Silvanus
Pre-Licensed Professional, MEd
I have been working with individual children, adolescents, and adults in various settings including schools, shelters, homes, and in the natural world. My goal is to provide space for my clients to reunite with themselves, integrate their experiences, heal, and live their best authentic lives. I welcomes individuals looking for help with trauma, hopelessness, anger, grief, stress, uncertainty, body trust, and issues surrounding identity and relationships. My therapeutic style involves focusing on emotions, thoughts, bodies, stories, and belonging, all at the pace of the client. I will hold sessions outdoors when appropriate.
(610) 753-5250 
Northampton, PA 18067
Offers online therapy
$80 Per Session
Photo of Yanina Marie Marti-Ramirez de Arellano, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in 18067, PA
Yanina Marie Marti-Ramirez de Arellano
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CCTP, RPT
Hi! My name is Yanina Marti, and I am a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have always been passionate about helping others and sharing my knowledge. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a variety of populations with different backgrounds and see them thrive and succeed after life has presented them with difficult challenges.
(717) 200-8310 
Northampton, PA 18067
Offers online therapy
$110 Per Session
Photo of Amber Romanyshyn, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in 18067, PA
Amber Romanyshyn
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW
You’re trying to hold it together and have some people fooled. Internally, you're drowning. The anxiety is building up to the point you feel like you're about to break. Others won’t listen, or maybe you don’t want to burden them with your problems. You’re losing sleep. Your thoughts are racing. You’re tired of being misunderstood and taken advantage of, but you don’t want to upset them. Instead, you keep to yourself and just think about the same things over and over again. You stop taking care of yourself. Eating healthy, exercising, taking a shower – who has the time or energy for that? You may want to disappear or hurt yourself.
(610) 426-1469 
Northampton, PA 18067
Offers online therapy
$90 Per Session

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Teletherapy and Online counseling have grown enormously as a medium for therapy since the advent of social distancing. Most therapists are happy to provide sessions by video or phone.

All professionals are licensed to provide video therapy to clients within the State in which they hold their license. Cross State licensing exists, but is rare.

So if you're a client in 18067, this list of teletherapists are licensed to provide therapy to you online (by phone, video or text based chat) because they are within your state. They are sorted nearest to furthest, with professionals in 18067 listed first.

Teletherapy via phone or video can be very similar to conventional in person sessions. The message is the same, even if the medium is different. There are some advantages in the form of convenience, lack of travel and being in comfort of your own home. Set against those, professionals find it more difficult to read non-verbal signals of their clients, and you may find you yourself can be more easily distracted.