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Photo of Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA, Licensed Professional Counselor in 16601, PA
Christian Counseling Associates of Western PA
Licensed Professional Counselor
Christian Counseling Associates (CCA) provides individual, marriage, and family counseling. We serve Christians who want their faith integrated into the counseling process and those holding any beliefs or attitudes toward spirituality. Our counselors will help you identify the core issues that have caused your emotional and personal problems, and immediately develop strategies to resolve these issues. CCA is able to provide a full range of clinical services. Please visit our website for a complete description of our faith based counseling services, locations, and counseling staff.
(814) 212-5439 
Altoona, PA 16601
Offers online therapy
Bishop Dr James Edgar Litzinger Jr
Pastoral Counselor, LPPT, LCMFC, LCPT ,
A message to the client...I am here for you no matter how great or small the need is.The call is to help mend broken lives and ways of New beginnings.Everything is approached with Biblical standards and understanding.
(814) 845-4346 
Altoona, PA 16601
Offers online therapy
$35 Per Session
Photo of Yanina Marie Marti-Ramirez de Arellano, Clinical Social Work/Therapist in 16601, PA
Yanina Marie Marti-Ramirez de Arellano
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CCTP, RPT
Hi! My name is Yanina Marti, and I am a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have always been passionate about helping others and sharing my knowledge. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a variety of populations with different backgrounds and see them thrive and succeed after life has presented them with difficult challenges.
(814) 200-9552 
Altoona, PA 16601
Offers online therapy
$110 Per Session

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Teletherapy and Online counseling have grown enormously as a medium for therapy since the advent of social distancing. Most therapists are happy to provide sessions by video or phone.

All professionals are licensed to provide video therapy to clients within the State in which they hold their license. Cross State licensing exists, but is rare.

So if you're a client in 16601, this list of teletherapists are licensed to provide therapy to you online (by phone, video or text based chat) because they are within your state. They are sorted nearest to furthest, with professionals in 16601 listed first.

Teletherapy via phone or video can be very similar to conventional in person sessions. The message is the same, even if the medium is different. There are some advantages in the form of convenience, lack of travel and being in comfort of your own home. Set against those, professionals find it more difficult to read non-verbal signals of their clients, and you may find you yourself can be more easily distracted.