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Mental Health Plus LLC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP
In addition to my primary care experience, I've been working with patients experiencing the following conditions: : Bipolar/Depression, anxiety disorder, OCD , PTSD, schizo ETC.
Living is leaning to face life challenges with a sense of acceptance and control. However, it's not always easy to do on our own. Without a doubt, many of us on earth have a negative answer when dealing with our mental health. Here, at Mental Health Plus, we are interested in seeing you take control of yourself. We strive to encourage our clients to live life to the fullest by being assisted with a unique bundle care approach. Partner with us.
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Chinne Health Systems LLC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, DNP, PMHNP, FNP
Some challenges and transitions people encounter each day can change outlook, cause stress, bring difficulties, sadness, panic, depression, anxiety and emotional shock. These situations may leave clients confused, distraught and overwhelmed. Focus is to help clients deal with these presenting issues. Working through stressful times and helping clients to attain their optimal level of functioning is a priority. Medication management is big in this practice; however different treatment methods are used and tailored to fit each individual client need.
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Lynn, MA 01901
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Spectrum neuro behavioral care ( SNBCare )
Psychiatrist, MD, Psych , NP, LICSW
We are offering Telemedicine and Teletherapy through video and/or phone to all who want to be seen during this time. We accept almost all insurance. We have immediate openings for Telemedicine and Teletherapy (video or phone sessions) and would be honored to support you during this time of uncertainty. SNBCare is a multidisciplinary group of dedicated professionals, providing best quality care for a wide range of outpatient mental health services. We have been serving adults, families, and couples for over a decade in a caring, patient-friendly environment.
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Office is near:
Lynn, MA 01902
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Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD) Psychiatrists
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions). It affects children, kids, teens and adults. Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts, but this only provides temporary relief. Not performing the obsessive rituals can cause great anxiety. A person's level of OCD can be anywhere from mild to severe, but if severe and left untreated, it can destroy a person's capacity to function at work, at school or even to lead a comfortable existence in the home.

If you're looking for help with OCD psychiatry in Lynn or for a Lynn OCD psychiatrist ,these professionals provide OCD treatment and obsessive compulsive disorder treatment. They include OCD psychiatrists, OCD psychologists, OCD psychotherapists and OCD counselors in Lynn. They can help with Lynn OCD counseling, OCD symptoms, OCD children, obsessive compulsive disorder, and OCPD.

Hair-pulling (trichotillomania) and skin picking (dematillomania), collectively referred to as Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, are classified as OCD-related disorders. Treatment for trichotillomiania in Lynn or TTM or hair pulling in Lynn or skin picking can be found from these psychiatrists.

About Psychiatrists, meds and Psychiatric Nurses.

A Psychiatrist in Lynn is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental health issues and diagnosable disorders.

Lynn Psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment. Sometimes, Psychiatrists form part of a clinical team in which they will diagnose and prescribe, while psychologists or therapists provide the client's psychotherapy.

As part of a clinical assessment, Psychiatrists may conduct physical examinations, take blood tests, and order and interpret lab tests and brain image scans, such as CT scans, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

The field of psychiatry in Lynn has many sub-specialties, including pediatric psychiatry. Those who work with the elderly are called geriatric psychiatrists.

Other related sub-specialties include cognition psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic, forensic, reproductive medicine specialties, psychopharmacology , psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, and clinical neurophysiology.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Lynn, or mental health nurse practitioners, generally have an MS degree in nursing (MSN) and a number of years of training to become certified. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to assess and diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication. Lynn Psychiatric nurse practitioners also have training that enables them to include psychotherapy with treatment.