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Photo of IIPUC, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Fishers, IN
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, MBA, ND, FNP, PMHNP, BC
Life is a challenge for all of us and many of us are doing our best to lead "normal" lives as we deal with the challenges of live. If you are having a little hiccup in life, feelings of uncertainty, uneasiness, anxiety, fear and just feeling the blues, you need someone who can hear your heart's cry, someone you can connect with, and someone that will walk beside you instead of ahead of you. We are here to listen to you, help you see the beauty of living, and help you bloom into your true beauty. We all want happiness, and good health, don't we? Who says we can't have it all? Today I'll give you hope, love, happiness! Please call
(317) 597-6944 
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Fishers, IN 46037
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Photo of Ronda Owens-Dehmer, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Fishers, IN
Ronda Owens-Dehmer
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP
I have worked with many people with a wide variety of issues. Working in community mental health and at an acute care hospital has given me a wide range of experience. I have throughly enjoyed working with neurodivergent people as well as developmental disorders. I also enjoy working with people who battle addiction. It is amazing to watch the transformations in lives.
(317) 561-5178 
Fishers, IN 46038
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Photo of Inlow Counseling, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Fishers, IN
Inlow Counseling
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP
*Accepting clients from Indiana. Self-pay only. Initial evals $250, follow-ups $150.00.* I’m ready for you to take this next step with me. I don't expect perfection. Need to miss an appointment? Ok. Having a bad day and need to vent? I'm here to listen. I will show you the tools not dictate your treatment. This is a collaboration and you are the leader of your treatment. Be open and honest with me, so that we, together, can find medication that works for you. I respond to your texts, calls, and emails to address concerns quickly and in real time.
(317) 961-7856 
Noblesville, IN 46060
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Photo of Jennifer Jordan, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Fishers, IN
Jennifer Jordan
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, CPNP, CPMHS
Jenny has almost three decades of experience caring for children, adolescents, and young adults. She graduated from Indiana University in 1993 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and again in 2001 with her Master of Science in Nursing. In 2018, she became a Certified Pediatric Mental Health Specialist. Jenny is double certified in pediatrics and pediatric mental health. She has provided care for infants, children and adolescents as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for 20 years.
(317) 406-0794 
Indianapolis, IN 46216
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About Psychiatrists, meds and Psychiatric Nurses.

A Psychiatrist in Fishers is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental health issues and diagnosable disorders.

Fishers Psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment. Sometimes, Psychiatrists form part of a clinical team in which they will diagnose and prescribe, while psychologists or therapists provide the client's psychotherapy.

As part of a clinical assessment, Psychiatrists may conduct physical examinations, take blood tests, and order and interpret lab tests and brain image scans, such as CT scans, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

The field of psychiatry in Fishers has many sub-specialties, including pediatric psychiatry. Those who work with the elderly are called geriatric psychiatrists.

Other related sub-specialties include cognition psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic, forensic, reproductive medicine specialties, psychopharmacology , psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, and clinical neurophysiology.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Fishers, or mental health nurse practitioners, generally have an MS degree in nursing (MSN) and a number of years of training to become certified. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to assess and diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication. Fishers Psychiatric nurse practitioners also have training that enables them to include psychotherapy with treatment.
How to find the right Psychiatrist?

If you're finding it difficult to find the right psychiatrist in Fishers, don't worry--you're not alone. Psychiatrists are highly specialized professionals. They tend to be busy--appointments can be short (e.g. 15 mins.)--and so as a potential client you can sometimes feel lost or confused. Don't let this deter you.

Begin first by checking the psychiatrists listed here nearest to you. If they are limited in number, expand out your search geographically (Broaden your Search) and see who's available further afield. Use the links in the left nav bar to find the relevant insurance, if you intend to use your health insurance to pay for the provider.

If you're still finding it difficult to find a psychiatrist in Fishers, call or contact the professionals here and ask for a psychiatric referral. You can also call the psychiatric nurses in Fishers as they tend to be affiliated to a network of psychiatrists in their area ( Fishers). Or just chat to them to see if they can help.