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Photo of Sharon Meglathery, Psychiatrist in Tucson, AZ
Sharon Meglathery
Psychiatrist, MD
I am a board cert psychiatrist w/ 27 yrs of experience, incl: 3 yr residency in internal medicine (board cert, 2000) and exposure to alt approaches/diverse populations (Native American, holistic eating disorder facility, students, inner-city crisis work) who loves to learn/listen (courses: EMDR-basic, dissoc, addictions, personality, chronic illness, attachment; DBT; CBT; mindfulness, lifestyle, communication, evid-based non-pharm). I apply all of this when I assess and assist you to capitalize on strengths, gain resilience, dive deep into psyche/your past/struggles, process trauma, learn skills, broaden perspective and agency.
(520) 895-4797
Tucson, AZ 85701
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Photo of Happy Home Wellness Treatment Center, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Tucson, AZ
Happy Home Wellness Treatment Center
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP, DNP
Accommodation Provided! Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a great option for anyone who has recently been in an Inpatient or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) but needs additional support to maintain long-term recovery. IOP services include Verbal Processing; Group Therapy Individual; Therapy Personalized Recovery Coaching; Medication Management; Psychiatric visits, Academic training, Vocational Training; Goal Management, 24/7 Recovery Coaching, relapse prevention, and peer support.
(520) 441-8798
Mesa, AZ 85205
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Sandplay Psychiatrists

What problems are best treated with sandplay therapy?

Research has examined this therapy’s utility in young people and found positive results. It has been shown to be useful for those who suffer from autism, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and or aggressive behavior. Children who have suffered abuse, neglect, or trauma have also seen improvement through this therapy. Abused children are often fearful and anxious about their safety, making verbal communication more difficult.

Is sandplay therapy suitable for children and teenagers?

Children and adolescents are good candidates for sandplay therapy. Many kids and teens are often unable to form and communicate their thoughts, let alone the emotions they are experiencing. Through this play therapy, they will hopefully make connections between what they feel inside and how the world works outside.

Is sandplay suitable for adults?

This type of therapy can be useful for adults who have difficulties expressing themselves. People who have suffered neurological changes after a brain injury or because of a traumatic event might be good candidates for this therapy. In fact, anything that has had an effect on the brain, such as substance abuse, can make non-verbal sandplay a valuable option.

Does sandplay therapy work?

There have been studies on the effectiveness of sandplay therapy, and it appears to improve difficult behaviors in children. It may also enhance self-esteem and lessen feelings of physical anxiety as well as hypersensitivity. This type of therapy is based on non-verbal communication and may feel less threatening to the individual.

About Psychiatrists, meds and Psychiatric Nurses.

A Psychiatrist in Tucson is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental health issues and diagnosable disorders.

Tucson Psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment. Sometimes, Psychiatrists form part of a clinical team in which they will diagnose and prescribe, while psychologists or therapists provide the client's psychotherapy.

As part of a clinical assessment, Psychiatrists may conduct physical examinations, take blood tests, and order and interpret lab tests and brain image scans, such as CT scans, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

The field of psychiatry in Tucson has many sub-specialties, including pediatric psychiatry. Those who work with the elderly are called geriatric psychiatrists.

Other related sub-specialties include cognition psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic, forensic, reproductive medicine specialties, psychopharmacology , psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, and clinical neurophysiology.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Tucson, or mental health nurse practitioners, generally have an MS degree in nursing (MSN) and a number of years of training to become certified. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to assess and diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication. Tucson Psychiatric nurse practitioners also have training that enables them to include psychotherapy with treatment.